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Wolff's World

Ever since Boss Sexton started letting our Czech friends Jirka and Jarda dominate the Can-Am mats, incomparable Can-Am Super Hunk Mark Wolff has been itching for a chance to bounce those cocky Czechs right back across the Atlantic. But to make it more interesting, Boss Sexton found champion French bodybuilder Philippe Nicolas and convinced him to make his one and only US video appearance. Nicolas was in the US for fitness magazine photo shoots, as well as a sexy Playgirl layout. We guarantee you Nicolas brings new meaning to "oh-la-la"! With Wolff in town from Vancouver, the stage was set for the North America vs. Europe showdown.

Match one features Wolff up against the perfectly proportioned Nicolas. Nicolas can't understand a word Wolff is saying, but attitude has its own language. Wolff's posturing swagger makes it clear to Nicolas that he's being taunted. So faster than you can say "Vive La France!" Nicolas pounces on Wolff when his back is turned. Longtime Can-Am fans know that Wolff has incredible strength and endurance. After bouncing back from the surprise attack, he shows Nicolas why he is the pride of Can-Am wrestling. This is a spirited bodybuilder vs. bodybuilder tumble on the mats and in the oil. And all you muscle freaks get extra special close-ups of these ripped abs, chest, butts, and biceps in action. After tense, straining submission hold after submission hold, all that gorgeous in-your-face muscle action may make you forget who's even winning. But in the end, Wolff flattens the Frenchman and carries him to the Can-Am oil pit for the final humiliation.

As a special treat we get to watch Nicolas tend to his wounded ego with a long, hot post-battle shower. Having watched from the sidelines, the Czechs decide that Wolff needs to be double-teamed to teach him a lesson in European superiority. From the number of letters and e-mails you send us, we know how much you love Jirka and Jarda, and they don't disappoint. Wolff is sure he can handle them both, but it's supposed to be just one at a time. The Czechs give him everything they've got, and he still comes back, even after Jirka helicopters him into dazed confusion. When it looks like Wolff will pull off another victory for North America by putting Jarda out in a final sleeper, Jirka jumps in and puts Wolff in a sleeper too. They both drop, and Jirka awakens his friend so they carry Wolff off to the oil pit for more double-team action. We won't give away the ending here, but Wolff is hardly finished, and all the actions ends with triple solo cum shots. This muscle smorgasbord is a keeper!



FULL CAST LIST: Jarda Kolar, Jirka Kalvoda, Mark Wolff, Philippe Nicolas
STUDIO: Can-Am / Mark Wolff Co-Pro
DIRECTOR: Matt Thomas
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Mat Wrestling
Nude Wrestling
Oil Wrestling