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Cyberfight 92 - Bad Blood 1

BAD BLOOD is number 92 in CyberFights` impressive string of junior pro wrestling videos. CyberFights 92 delivers 7 kick ass, hard action matches to satisfy the most demanding pro wrestling aficionado.

MATCH ONE: RITCHIE DESTINY VS KURT STERLING Giving up 37 pounds to Canadian Kurt Sterling, cocky ref hassling big mouth Ritchie Destiny is a lot harder to handle than big Kurt expects. Surprisingly fast and dirty, Ritchie wins the pin with a reverse back cradle off the ropes.

MATCH TWO: ALEX PINCHEK VS BRETT BARNES. With only five pounds weight difference, and fairly matched in skill level, Pinchek and Barnes are intense in testing each others` strength. First arm and upper body power tests, then lower body and leg strength holds. Out of the ref`s sight, Pinchek takes the fall with a firm assist from the ropes.

MATCH THREE: KURT STERLING VS DAVEY RICHARDS Sterling is back and up against flashy, mouthy Davey Richards. Richards may love the camera, but he knows what he`s doing and doesn`t care how he gets it done. With the mouth and the moves, Richards forces Sterling to submit with a novel prone surfboard neck breaker.

MATCH FOUR: MATT STRYKER VS SCOTTY MAC With his Southern California good looks and blond hair, Scotty Mac goes up against 215 pounder Matt Stryker. Serious and menacing, Stryker slugs it out with tougher-than-he-looks pretty boy Mac to a brutal finish. Stryker finishes Mac off with a series of head splitting face smashes into the mat. Overpowered and dazed, Mac is spread out for an easy pin.

MATCH FIVE: MIKEY HENDERSON VS RITCHIE DESTINY Weighing in at 185, Ritchie is again matched up with a bigger beefier wrestler... champion brawler Mikey Henderson. Like most of his bigger opponents, Destiny surprises Henderson with his grit and gumption. But Henderson takes pleasure in manhandling the lighter man. However he`s totally taken by surprise when Destiny wins this non-title match. But Henderson`s cocky self confidence isn`t shaken with this no-matter win.

MATCH SIX/No Referee: ALEX PENCHEK VS RITCHIE DESTINY Since there`s no referee in this match, Penchek thinks Destiny is is in the ring for a Wrestling 101 workout. Their match starts off clean enough with a respectfull exchange of technique and holds. But Destiny gets over confident so it isn`t long before Penchek gets serious and shows Destiny who`s better and who`s boss.

MATCH SEVEN/No Referee: MATT STRYKER VS MIKE DEMPSEY Mike Dempsey is a loser who gets in the ring with pro vet Matt Stryker using the old line..."Will you teach me a few holds." Dempsey actually thinks playing novice will score him a surprise pin. Dempsey`s surprise is he gets the shit kicked out of him by a not-amused Matt Stryker.

CyberFights 92 BAD BLOOD kicks butt from the first bell to the last pin. These young talented dead-serious wrestlers break their asses to show you why they should be the next big name in pro-wrestling.



FULL CAST LIST: Alex Pinchek, Brett Barnes, Davey Richards, Kurt Sterling, Matt Stryker, Mike Dempsey, Ritchie Destiny, Scotty Mac
STUDIO: Cyberfights Wrestling Federation
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Pro Wrestling