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Cyberfight 94 - Belts and Ladders

CyberFights 94 is a championship match video featuring some of the fastest, finest, and most furious pro action you will see anywhere. Keep your eye on Davey Richards. Cyberfights makes you wait til the end of the tape for the championship match, but it's well worth the wait. And the three one-fall pre-matches are well worth your attention. MATCH 1: DAVEY RICHARDS VS FAST EDDIE "God you stink" Davey tells Fast Eddie as they circle each other for their first lock up. At 6', 205, and wearing black trunks, Fast Eddie pays little attention to grandstander Davey. In white trunks weighing 196 and shorter than Fast Eddie, Davey is as skilled and dangerous as any of CyberFight's pros. Davey, not too surprisingly, wins with an on-the-mat neck breaker submission. MATCH 2: ALEX PINCHEK VS KURT STERLING Russian scrapper Pinchek gives up 5 inches and 37 pounds difference in this match with 6'1", 222 pound Kurt Sterling wearing black tights. Kurt pretty much runs the show punishing the smaller Russian. But Pinchek ends the match abruptly with a solid kick square in big Kurt's kisser. A hulluva face kick that Kurt doesn't get up from. MATCH 3: SCOTTY MAC VS SEXXY EDDIE Good looking and champion material Scotty Mac has been spending a lot of time at the gym lately. Pumped up and very pleased with himself, Scotty pays little attention to the non-stop mouth of Sexxy Eddie But don't sell Eddie the Mouth short. Yes, he's certifiably crazy, but his mouth is only a decoy for his devious style of wrestling. The mouth is still going when Scotty flattens Eddie with a from-the-top-rope leg drop. MATCH 4: A 3-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP BELT LADDER MATCH pitting Cyberfight's top three pro wrestlers against each other. SCOTTY MAC VS ALEX PINCHEK VS DAVEY RICHARDS. The CyberFights Championship Belt hangs high above center ring. A ladder to reach the belt is outside the ring. The championship belt will be won and worn by the wrestler who fights his way to the top of the ladder and secures the belt. So buckle your belts because hell is just about to break lose. At the top of the match, Scotty offers a handshake that is met with a very unsportsman-like kick in the gut from Pinchek. And the brawl is on. Gentlemen, this is top notch pro action. All three opponents really want that belt. Soon into the action, Scotty and Davey double team Alex putting him out of commission, out of the ring, and out of the match. Davey brings the ladder into the ring and the real match explodes. With the ladder positioned under the belt, Mac and Richards give you a pro wrestling performance that is as good or better than anything you've seen on the WWE. They're both skilled wrestlers, but watch Davey Richards' moves. He's lightning fast and amazing. Both wrestlers deserve the belt, but you're going to have to own this tape to know who finally takes it home.



FULL CAST LIST: Alex Pinchek, Davey Richards, Fast Eddy, Kurt Sterling, Scotty Mac, Sexxxy Eddie
STUDIO: Cyberfights Wrestling Federation
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Pro Wrestling