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Cyberfight 99 - Bad Attitude

The Bad Attitude is flowing through all seven matches of CyberFights 99. First up is a three way elimination, pitting Johnny Handsome against Shane Madison and J.D. Michaels. They're each supposed to be out to win, but Shane and J.D. obviously think they need to team up to eliminate big and brawny Johnny. And brawny Johnny does take a beating, and will surely be looking for payback in future rounds. Unfortunately, J.D. gets a little cocky. Thinking Johnny is too tired to go on, he turns on Shane. Bad move - because now Johnny can divide and conquer! Match two is another three way elimination with psycho-eyed Matt Stryker, and tree trunk Frankie Kazarian, looming over naive Cody Knight. Cody hails from a small town in Texas, and he may not be ready for the big city. The two bad guys make Cody their prey for the first part of the match, but you'll have to give Cody credit for managing to keep on kicking. But when he gets locked up on the ropes, the two pour on the punishment, and you know it's only a matter of time before Cody's heading back to podunk. Match three is an old school dust up between newbie Ritchie Destiny, and golden boy Kurt Sterling. Kurt is a champion in the making, and he gets more and more frustrated as Ritchie keeps managing to reverse out of his submissions. But when Ritchie pulls off his pads and slaps Kurt with them, frustration turns to rage, and Kurt kicks it up the necessary notch to wipe that smile off Ritchie's face. Match four brings you all time fan favorite Mikey Henderson, versus spiky haired Ja Jakobe. This match is definitely the old guard meeting the new, as Mikey makes sure that Ja knows you have to earn your place in the CyberFights championship standings. Ja is going to be achy for a while after this one. Match five is a tag team terror match with Texas titan Brett Barnes, teaming up with scrappy Matt Sydal. They take on the "Russian hooligan", Alex Pinchek, and the always reliable Davey Richards. This is a rematch, and Brett and Matt are out to avenge their previous loss. Nothing like a little revenge to spur on some major mat beating punishment! Match six features Mikey Henderson and cover model wanna-be, GQ Gallo. As Mikey puts it: "You may be pretty...but my moves are beautiful..." And GQ does spend a lot of time protecting his pretty face. But maybe Mikey should have paid attention to that part of GQ's strategy, because GQ face plants Mikey into the mat - stunning Mikey into a pin defeat! Match seven sends this disc out with a bang, with another wild tag team. Two of Canada's tallest - Fade and Kurt Sterling - take on two of America's smallest - Matt Sydal and Lincoln Jones. Now we all know that tall ones often end up face down on the mat, and Lincoln and Matt sure give the two a run for their money. But in the end, Kurt and Fade have the talent to go with their size, and take the match. CyberFights 99 translates "bad attitude" into the excellent wrestling you have come to expect from CyberFights!



FULL CAST LIST: Alex Pinchek, Brett Barnes, Cody Knight, Davey Richards, Fade, Franklin Kazarian, G. Q. Gallo, JD Michaels, Ja Jakobe, Johnny Handsome, Kurt Sterling, Lincoln Jones, Matt Stryker, Matt Sydal, Mikey Henderson (aka Suicide Kid), Ritchie Destiny
STUDIO: Cyberfights Wrestling Federation

Pro Wrestling