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Hollywood Mat Fight 1

Hollywood Mat Fight 1

Steve Stone, 29yo, 5'9" 174#, Green Eyes, Dirty Blond, Silver trunks
Sky Davis, 29yo, 5'10", 180#, Brown Eyes, Black Hair, Maroon trunks

Steve Stone has a wicked look... long blond hair, ripped body, packed pouch, and loads of attitude. Resident ass-kicker Sky Davis has his own hot bod, long hair and a collection of body tats that grows every time we see him.

Sky is not at all impressed with the pretty boy blond and makes quick work to show him who's the boss and who's mat they're fighting on. What we get is a display of muscles in distress... grant it, those muscles are mostly of pretty boy Steve but who's complaining.

The Bossman told Steve that there is a contract on the line... that is - win the match and he can get a 12 match contract with Can-Am. When in the Bossman's office he took a look at a phot of Sky and said "get the papers ready - I'll be back to sign shortly." Naturally the Bossman shared Steve's cocky attitude with Sky and worked him up so Steve would get the match HE deserved.

Steve is subject to a series of punishing holds, scissors, hugs, surfboards, chokes, sleepers, arm bars, hair pulls, dragon sleepers, and a multitude more. One thing we can say is that Steve suffers beautifully and never gives up...

Do you like bulldogs? We do and that's exactly how this match finishes - then the winner if off to the office for that "contract!"



FULL CAST LIST: Sky Davis, Steve Stone
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Mat Wrestling