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Sexy Mat Fight 4

If you want a contract with Can-Am, Boss Sexton is going to make you wrestle for it. Sky Davis and Niko Knight both want it, but only one is going to get it. Davis is known for his amazing tats, muscled abs, and mean attitude. Knight’s ripped body is almost pure in contrast, but his nicer demeanor is not going to win anyone over when money is on the line. Davis quickly takes control of the situation, putting Knight through his paces, including a beautiful (for us) and painful (for Knight) double hammerlock.
Knight eventually ends up on the mat as Davis executes move after move, including a punishing arm bar. Knight keeps groaning “it’s not over yet,” but it might be hard to believe him, especially when Davis gets a hold of his nuts and doesn’t let go. Davis keeps reminding Knight that he’s been working toward the contract for 10 years, and he’s not letting any upstart get in his way. As Knight’s back is sprawled over Davis’s knee, crotch to the ceiling, you may get mesmerized by the prominent VPL in Knight’s tight navy trunks. Davis claws those rippling abs, taunting Knight with a nursery rhyme of “contract, contract, I’m getting the contract,” the rhyme punctuated by Knight’s heavy groans when Davis goes in for a killer ball squeeze. Davis is no longer satisfied with just winning, he wants to make sure Knight never has the balls to challenge him again, literally!

And when he’s done with the balls, why not move onto those suckable nips? Schoolboy pinned, his arms helplessly trapped, Knight has nothing to do but suffer. Twisting the right nipple extra hard, Davis pretends to ease off saying he can tell the sexy nub needs a break, but then there’s a devilish laugh as he says “too bad you have another one,” and the deep clench of pain starts all over again on Knight’s left magic button. Davis keeps laughing and your hand will keep rubbing, because Davis is the name and sadistic domination is the game.

He finally lets Knight gets to his feet, but only so he can lock up his neck and knee punch his torso. Winded, he’s then locked up in a Boston Crab and taps out. Knight struggles to get up, and once again huffs “it’s not over yet.” So, either the sense has been knocked out of him, too, or Knight actually is enjoying the submission. Davis has no problem teaching him another lesson in pain, and you’ll have no problem getting off as Davis takes the contract with a sexy sleeper.



FULL CAST LIST: Niko Knight, Sky Davis
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Crotch Grabbing / Attacking
Mat Wrestling
Muscle Hunks