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The Destruction of Captain USA

“Captain USA goes wherever he wants!” That fearless, brave and muscular Captain USA might have made a misstep.

“Your muscles are small”, Dark Lord mockingly says to our Hero. He then challenges Cap to a flexing contest, which he happily accepts. Captain USA shows off his rippling muscles through his beautiful “red, white and practically see-thru” uniform, giving into Dark Lords whims. Unfortunately for Cap, Dark Lord has ulterior motives. While the All-American is showing off, he moves in for the kill, delivering a low blow that brings Cap to his knees, the Dark one then blinds our hero, and serves him a chloroform cocktail, knocking our hero to the ground, thus serving himself on a platter for Dark Lord’s evil and destructive domination.

What comes next is a checklist of some of the most humiliating torture you can think of! Dark Lord begins to strip Cap out of his super suit, revealing his rippling pecs and god-like abs. But even that can’t save Cap from the Dark Lords punishment, as he beats and bashes those beautiful muscles, causing Cap to use all his strength to get his breath back. But there isn’t enough time, because the Dark one cuts off his air by using the heroes shield against him. Not only that, but the Dark Lord even takes off his own dark utility belt and makes Captain USA suffer even harder!

But he’s not done... the Dark Lord is relentlessly evil, stripping our hero down to his beautiful briefs, showing off his beautiful bulge and butt!

Is nothing more degrading than a Villain using the heroes powers against him? The Dark Lord thinks so!

The Captain has a brief comeback but the Dark Lord lures the cocky Cap into a trap! Begging his forgiveness for his dirty tactics, the Dark Lord whimpers and whines for mercy, only to come back and deliver a crippling low blow to our hero and then claims the shield as his own!

The Dark Lord revels in his methodical torture of the American symbol of hope! We can only hope our Star-Spangled Stud gets out of this patriotic predicament!



FULL CAST LIST: Dimitri Darkthorn, Joey Nux
STUDIO: HardHeroes
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Muscle Hunks
SuperHeroes vs Villains