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Thunder's Mind Control

The blonde, blue eyed, babyfaced hero known only as Thunder, has discovered a ominous dungeon! In the center of the room, there is some evil combination of an operating chair and a torture rack, probably made for the destruction of muscle men (we hope). Before he can figure out what is amiss, the villainous (and ripped) Dark Lord appears with a giant syringe filled with poison gas! He surprises Thunder, releasing the toxic poison in his face and thus, he puts Thunder immediately under his complete control!

He forces him into the torture chair, and lasciviously runs his hands up and down Thunder’s massive muscles, reiterating his power over him. Over and over.

First, he demands our Hero to call him “Daddy” and then puts him on display for our enjoyment. (There is something so incredibly sexy about seeing Scrappy fully dressed and sweating through his blue and white spandex, it’s like seeing the perfectly wrapped present.)

Dark Lord begins his usual mind control tricks by forcing Thunder to flex for his personal enjoyment, and that is followed by the degrading act of forcing Thunder to get down on his hands and knees to bark like a dog!

Thunder tries to get control of his mind and his muscles, but Dark Lord has plenty of the poisonous gas to put him back under and submit to his dirty dominance.

The vicious villain begins strips our good guy down and now worships Thunder’s beautiful abs and pecs, followed by an evil abdominal stretch that has our Hero almost in tears!

Each time Thunder regains control of his mind, the cowardly Dark Lord intensifies the dosage of his poison! Now the power is really on display! He demands Thunder give him a full posing routine! Thunder delivers in full, showing off every muscle a man could have!

Next, the Dark Lord strips Thunder down a little more, revealing a yellow posing suit, obviously impressed, the Villain bends him over, removes his own utility belt and viciously spanks our beautiful hero’s bubble butt! He wants to make poor Thunder his literal whipping boy, delivering a crack across his back, then around the neck, and top it off with an atomic wedgie that is utterly humiliating for poor Thunder!

Now the Dark Lord leads him back to the chair, giving us a beautiful look at the defeated hero. The Dark Lord is obviously as turned on as we are! He can’t keep his hands off Thunder, worshipping his muscles from every angle! Again and again, the cackling villain shoots his gas in Thunder’s face, bringing our hero’s psyche deeper under the influence. How far will Dark Lord go to demolish the mind of Thunder and keep him as his personal play thing?



STUDIO: HardHeroes
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Muscle Bondage
SuperHeroes vs Villains