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Wrecked Robin

Holy Tortured Sidekick Batman!

Poor little Robin, is there any other comic book sidekick who we love to see completely tortured and dominated? I don’t think so. Especially when played by the ripped and shredded Blake Starr!

We open on Robin, who has obviously lost his previous battle, knocked out and tied up in the ring. His beautiful body on display for all of us to enjoy.

Thud, thud, thud, we hear the entrance Of the Villain of Villains, the dark and dangerous Max Quivers. Quivers is known for deliciously dark tactics, and from his entrance we know that the little birdie in his lair is in for total destruction.

He goes straight for the kill, ripping Robin’s mask and revealing his super secret identity! Robin begs and pleads with his tormentor to let him go, but that only infuriates Max even more, and he uses his super serum to knock the Bird Boy out cold, rendering him totally helpless!

Quivers methodically and maliciously tortures the young hero! Taping his mouth shut and trapping him in a series of holds, each more devastating and embarrassing than the next. Max stomps the Bird Boys throat, then stretches him from beak to drumstick, and then destroys what little manhood is left between Robin’s beautiful legs.

What comes next is even more diabolical! Quivers traps his little Bird in the corner, tying him to the turnbuckle and delivers gigantic strikes to the beautiful chest, abs and legs of our poor Hero. A devastating full nelson is next, showcasing Robin’s beautiful body on display for all of our enjoyment.

The Villain strips our young hero of his gear, and shows him off like a prize turkey; then beats him down for good for trying to defy him. Racks! Wedgies! Sleepers!!

I think we might have seen the last of our ravishing Robin. I hope not, because is there anyone else we like seeing stretched beyond what his beautiful body can handle!? Stay tuned. Same Hard Heroes time! Same Hard Heroes Channel!



FULL CAST LIST: Blake Starr, Max Quivers
STUDIO: HardHeroes
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Muscle Bondage
Pro Wrestling
SuperHeroes vs Villains