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Sexy Mat Fight 6

The Boss sure knows how to tantalize us at the top of a video! We opened on the tattooed, ponytailed Sky in a skimpy black speedo giving us a view of his beautiful body as he stretches out, prepping for his opponent!

Ken enters, All-American Abercombie in his red “Varsity” trunks. His beautiful and tanned body is already highlighting every muscle possible. Especially his perfect package!

The two start off trading off some holds under the guise of “sparring”, but it soon becomes clear that these two are more interested in beating the other to submission. Ken takes the lead, and thank God that Sky stretched out, because Ken nearly breaks him in half with a giant knee to the back, followed by a vicious headlock and some perfect pec claws!

The two begin shit talking and Sky knows the buttons to push, he talks trash on Ken and his family. Ken launches into him, works him to the ground in a school boy pin and then delivers some nipple twists and a humiliating ball claw!

Ken shows no mercy as he makes Sky beg for mercy over and over, but this makes the cocky heel tie him up in devastating hold after hold. Sky seemed like such a bad ass at the beginning, but now between every cry of “Le me go! Please!” No amount of tattoos or muscle can hide that he’s becoming Ken’s bitch!

Ken gives the whimpering Sky an open shot, and Sky immediately locks him in a full Nelson and then adds some knee strikes to that knocks the wind out of Ken, leaving Sky to finally get the upper hand with a beastly boston crab, which has every rippling muscle in Ken’s body shaking in pain. Add a revenge ball claw and it’s clear Sky knows some dirty moves of his own.

Turnabout is fair play, and Sky uses Ken’s dirty tactics against him, delivering his own school boy pin and some sexy pec torture! It looks like Sky did learn something from Ken! Which also includes some vicious kicks to the gut of the now fallen frat boy!

(Note: make sure to take in Sky’s perky ass that’s basically popping out of his speedo as he struts around the mat! BOING!)

The two go back and forth, trapping each other in painful and humiliating holds, their buff bodies on display for all of us to enjoy! The sweat making it hard to keep a grasp on each other! But their cocky attitudes know no bounds and they each want the other to scream for release as the ultimate domination!



FULL CAST LIST: Ken Rodgers, Sky Davis
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Crotch Grabbing / Attacking
Mat Wrestling
Muscle Hunks