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2 on 1 Trio Mat Bash

I got three names for you, and that could be the entire description of this video:

Scrappy. Blake Starr. Dimitri Darkthorne.

Done. That’s all you need. Enjoy this once in a lifetime fantasy.

You need more? Okay, here we go. The three studs are talking trash on the mats. All three are wearing skimpy speedos, displaying their giant bulges for us to stare at! Dimitri accuses Blake and Scrappy of being “more than friends”, and the two buddies decide to destroy Dimitri!

They swiftly grab and lock up the raven haired hunk and go to town. The teamwork of the two results in some humiliating hurt for Dimitri. They lift him up and with their double strength, drop him on their knees destroying Dimitri’s abs and chest!

Scrappy and Blake take turns delivering blows to his abs, and then stretch his legs out, practically splitting him in half! They put the cherry on top by stoning on his balls, practically castrating him!

Long drawn out holds keep Dimitri screaming, and they add more torture by yanking his trunks up his ass for a wonderful wedgie.

But Dimitri has an ace up his sleeve! He accuses Blake of calling Scrappy’s mom a whore! Scrappy’s temper flared, he attacks his former best friend and recruits Dimitri to help him! Poor Blake takes some DEVASTATING blows to his 8-pack abs. They toss Blake around the mats and basically use him as a jump rope!

Poor Blake! Betrayed by his best friend and tortured by his bully! Scrappy delivers a ton of blows to Blake, but when he’s not looking, that devious Darkthorne attacks him!

Now all three are at each other’s throats! They all lock each other in a 3-way sleeper! But Scrappy is now on the receiving end of the torture and Blake wants some revenge!

The blonde bombshell’s beautiful body is worked over hard! His amazing abs, his perky pecs and his perfect package!

The fantastic frat boys are going at it non-stop, but there can only be one winner! Who will it be?? I’m guessing it’s us, the audience!



FULL CAST LIST: Blake Starr, Dimitri Darkthorn, Scrappy
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Mat Wrestling
Muscle Hunks
Outdoor Action