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I'll Kick Your Ass!

Dimitri has a problem. And that problem is Max Ryder. It seems that Max has been spending a little too much time with Dimitri’s girl, and the big D is ready to teach the upstart a lesson!

Both are wearing extremely sexy leather jackets, speedo and boots (Dimitri in all white, which compliments his beautiful body, and Max in a black jacket and red speedos which shows off his beautiful bulge and ass).

Max tried to make peace with Dimitri (why does he always do this?)! But Dimitri isn’t having it and launches his attract with a giant kick to Max’s nuts!

Dimitri continues his vicious revenge with a powerful boot to the balls which he uses to squeeze his balls until they are ready to pop! To add insult to serious injury, he snaps a few pics of Max’s punishment to send to his girlfriend!

Realizing he has a good weapon in his hands, Dimitri uses his cell phone to deliver a few more whacks to Max’s bulge. Dimitri’s dark side has been unleashed and he will not stop his demonic demolition! He applies a long and drawn out leg scissor to Max and begins to squeeze the life out of him!

This is where I begin to question the truth. These two are obviously angry with each other, but they also can’t keep their hands off each other! They are lasciviously running their hands up and down their muscles. Maybe THEY had something going on the side? Possibly, but we may never know!

With each low blow, Dimitri seems determined to castrate Max and make him his new “girlfriend.” He even stretches him out in an amazing abdominal stretch and insults his ex-buddy by saying “Guess who’s better from behind?” (Gulp!?)

Max gains the upper hand for only a moment, showing off Dimitri’s beautiful bulge, but the hypnotizing nuts of his Frat Brother distracts him long enough for Dimitri to deliver another swift kick to Max’s groin and then puts the cherry on top with a nasty neck crank, it’s so strong that it looks like Max might lose his head!

Now, Dimitri has unleashed a rage that will scare even the viewers (unless you get off on that kind of thing, which we do). He unleashes a flurry of punches, kicks, and claws to Max’s dick , all while talking shit, taking selfies and demanding answers about why he cheated on him -er- his girlfriend!

Next, he strips off his beautiful white jacket and uses it as a noose around Max’s throat, flips and folds him over only to take pics of Max’s beautiful bubble butt!

A Tree of woe, another wedged foot into Max’s manhood have him screaming and wailing for mercy! But, Dimitri is NOT in a forgiving mood!

I worry if the two former “friends” can rebuilt their trust in each other. But that’s a story for another day! This match is all about the destruction of Max’s manhood! And I got a pretty good feeling he’ll be singing soprano tomorrow!



FULL CAST LIST: Dimitri Darkthorn, Max Ryder
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Crotch Grabbing / Attacking
Muscle Hunks
Pro Wrestling