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Stomped Naked

What is it about Joey Nux? Has there ever been a wrestler that is hotter? We open on the near perfect specimen Joey Nux in the ring, decked out all in red and white, stretching out to give us a show of all that cover boy muscle.

Our burly Italian, Alex, shows up next, his glistening hairy abs and chest on show, but scroll down a little lower and the heel is wearing the championship belt that Joey thinks belongs to him!

So let’s get it on with the fight for the belt! The two engage in a test of strength, with Joey callously tossing Alex to the side. After that, the two engage in an arm wrestling contest, again, Joey demolishes Alex.

Alex knows he can’t win a fair fight against the Southern Superman and decides to fight dirty, forcing Joey into the corner for some torture. Blows to the gut! Some head bashes in the turnbuckle and some vicious elbows! But, nothing compares to Alex’s dirty boot to the balls, as Joey screams in agony!

Joey has a comeback, catching Alex in a full Nelson, showing off that hairy muscle for everyone to drool over. Joey then racks Alex over his back and parades around, letting us see that Alex’s ass is practically eating his trunks!

A very long bear hug has Alex basically screaming for mercy! But Joey isn’t feeling very merciful to the cheating heel. He continues to humiliate him: stretching him out, bashing his head and squashing his bulge!

Next up is a sleeper hold combined with a wedgie!! When have you ever seen that!? Joey is determined to make sure the cocky Alex doesn’t try him again. But is it enough?

Maybe not! Alex comes out of no where with a giant bearhug, squeezing the energy out of Joey! He follows it up with a choke, a stretch that nearly rips Joey’s arms off and body scissor that has to be seen to be believed!

Alex isn’t done retaliating against Joey for the previous humiliation! He strips Joey’s trunks off of him! Leaving our Buff Muscleman in the Buff (which means we are showing off Joey’s big and beautiful cock.)

But, that only seems to reinvigorate our Hero. He picks Alex up with a wedgie and dishes out his own revenge: he yanks up Alex like he was a baby and racks him across his back! And, we get to see Alex pleading for mercy!

But Joey’s just getting started. He knows that belt belongs to him and not the hot blooded Italian. Joey decides to return the favor and strips Alex of his purple trunks. Now both studs are naked, ribbed, eh, I mean, ripped for our pleasure!

Joey degrades and humiliates Alex by choking him out with his own speedo, leaving him gasping for breath on the floor. He keeps him breathless by squeezing him in a crippling bearhug. All the while, Joey makes sure that both giant cocks are on full display for us! Will Joey win the belt? Or will his confidence be his undoing? Who cares?! Enjoy the beautiful boners everywhere!



FULL CAST LIST: Alex Costas, Joey Nux
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Muscle Hunks
Nude Wrestling