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Mark Wolff: Beaten Battered and Bashed

Dear CAN-AM "I`m an avid and longtime collector of gay wrestling videos. I started my collection years ago with the Athletic Model Guild and Old Reliable. Soon after one other company seemed to be a step up in sometimes better models and sometimes better production values. Then I discovered Can-Am. The difference in the products was like trading in my old Pinto for a new Cadillac. At last a gay wrestling video company offering handsome, muscular, adult wrestler models beautifully photographed in highly erotic mat action. Your term "erota wrestling" fits your product perfectly. I`m sure you get lots of request letters and couldn`t possibly shoot matches that answer them all, but here goes anyway. There`s a muscle god out there Colt calls Mark Wolf, and you and Advocate Men call Blake Onassis. If there`s a sexier man alive, I`m sure you`ll discover him, but in the meantime, for my money, he`s the most beautiful model in videos today... and, I understand he`s a fellow Canadian. My request is to put Mark-or-Blake in a three-way looser bruiser match with your other two Can-Am muscle gods Flex and Tony Valor. I don`t think there are three more spectacular models working today, and if all three of these men could be in one of your totally nude (please) erota-wrestling videos... the action would have to be shot on asbestos videotape. If this wrestling menage-a-trois could be arranged, Can-Am is the only company that could pull it off. Thank you." (signed) K.M., Los Angeles.

Gentlemen and K.M. of Los Angeles, directly from Can-Am`s video wrestling studio in Toronto, buckle up for "MARK WOLF... BEATEN BATTERED & BASHED" featuring Flex and Tony Valor. This is a body beautiful tour-d-bash starring three of video wrestling`s most spectacular musclehunks in four storyline segments on the same tape. Mark and Flex work each other over wearing crotch-hugging short shorts peeling down to bikinis then peeling down to bare asses. Next Mark and Tony rip strip each other naked in a blow-for-blow muscle match you won`t believe. Then Flex jumps into the foray to help his buddy Tony, and the two of them double team, double beat, double stretch, and double bash the overpowered muscle god in both the ring, and the oil pit. Segment Four of "MARK WOLF... BEATEN BATTERED & BASHED" shows a battered and bruised Mark Wolf hot soaping his aching superbody in a long, raging hard shower scene following the beating of his life. Gentlemen, it doesn`t get better than this. The competition is reduced to eating dust from the big Can-Am "Cadillac."



FULL CAST LIST: Mark Wolff, Tom Flex, Tony Valor
STUDIO: Can-Am / Mark Wolff Co-Pro
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Nude Wrestling
Oil Wrestling
Pro Wrestling