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House Of Detention

When we saw Van Darkholme in full leather gear in Lords of the Lockerroom, we immediately began planning Can-Am's first real leather and bondage video. Master Darkholme is notorious in LA's leather scene for putting slaves through their paces and for putting on a stimulating show. Featuring three of his own slaves making their video debuts, we're treated to five scenes of punishment in the Master's LA dungeon. To round out the cast, we brought in Czech super hunks Jirka and Jarda, San Francisco's reigning super-bottom Erik Michaels, Belgian boy-toy Duncan Mills, and LA muscle bottom Joshua Scott. In scene one, Leather, we find Michaels and Mills trussed up together for some exquisite sensory overloads via Darkholme's nasty tool-kit, including the electric wand and the pin-prick wheel. When the alpha slaves bring in our hooded, bound, and gagged Czech tourists, the fun shifts to a platform where their clothes are ripped off their bodies. Darkholme takes great pleasure working their dicks up and teasing their muscular butts, before putting Jarda in the sling for a butt-pounding from his best friend and the Master. In scene two, Latex, Darkholme's favorite slave, Puppy Boy, is suspended, mummified, and clothespinned into ecstacy. After he cums, we find the Czech's in elaborate bondage on either end of a rubber dildo-pronged horse. Yee-haa! After the ride, Jirka is placed in the vac-rack for the ultimate in total immobilization. Darkholme and his alpha slaves feast on Jirka's rubber molded musculature. Plus, the scene includes extensive blow-jobs and a flogging of Michaels and Scott. Scene three, White Jocks, is one of the most interesting wrestling scenes Can-Am has ever filmed. With his slaves lined up, Darkholme chooses the opponents and sets the stakes - the loser won't just get fucked, he'll get gang-banged! Four of the slaves use their bodies and rope to create a human wrestling ring. First up are Jarda and Scott, followed by a two-on-one of Michaels and Puppy Boy against Jirka. Scott and Puppy Boy are the losers, but strangely don't seem to mind as the slaves line up behind them! Scene four, Water Torture, features the white t-shirt and brief wearing slaves being doused in the shower room with cold water and beer. Tightly bound, they are Darkholme's nasty toys. This scene also includes Michaels worshipping feet and dick before three of the slaves blow their loads on him. As a bonus, there's also a private scene where Darkholme teaches Jarda the pleasures of a shower hose. Finally, in scene five, the slaves have a surprise for their master, but we can't give it away here. In just over 2 and a 1/2 hours, House of Detention offers plenty of extreme fantasy/fetish play, body worship, toys, intricate bondage, mummification, countless blow-jobs and cumshots, several fucks, and a wild wrestling scene climaxing in a gang-bang. We challenge you to get through it in one sitting!



FULL CAST LIST: Butch America, Duncan Mills, Erik Michaels, Jarda Kolar, Jirka Kalvoda, Joe Jackson, Joshua Scott, Thomas Slayer, Van Darkholme
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Matt Thomas
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
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