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Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 08

Bout #1: cliff conlin vs. Dean christian: Conlin: 5`10", 175#, 20. Christian: 5`9", 200#, 29. For Dean`s debut matchup, we threw him up against one of the "youngest" veterans in erota-wrestling: 20 yo Cliff Conlin. Cliff has a disadvantage in weight. But in wrestling knowledge and wily ring skills he is certainly at the top of the heap. This will be a major test and challenge for Dean Christian. Conlin wears green trunks and black boots. Dean appears in blue trunks and white boots. And as usual, as of late, the trunks are cut so that lots of butt shows throughout the bout. And both grapplers have very viewable butts. The first fall is a rugged one for both grapplers. Conlin really has to pull out all his considerable wrestling knowledge to overcome Dean`s strength, aggression and ability to withstand a considerable amount of limb stretching pain.

Bout #2: dynamite doug brandon vs. Cliff conlin: brandon: 6`, 190#, 19. Conlin: 5`10", 175#, 20. Dynamite Doug shows us how tough he can be, and it is tough with a capital "T". Even though Conlin has his comebacks throughout the fall, Doug Brandon throws the book at him. Brandon is one tough wrestler and it shows more and more with each match he is in. When he hits, it`s hard. When he throws, his opponent knows it. The holds he applies have real pain attached to them. And when Cliff yells out his submission to a hangman, his groveling on the mat in defeat is all too real. He`s been through a grinder called Dynamite Doug. But don`t count Conlin out. Many have and have lived to regret it. This is great pro wrestling. Conlin appears in this matchup wearing a print type brief trunks and black boots. Brandon wears orange trunks and white boots.

Bout #3: dirk shannon vs. Peter genilli: shannon: 5`11", 185#, 26. Genilli: 5`11", 190#, 23. These two are virtually dead even in height and weight, but you`d have to give the edge in ability and wrestling savvy to Dirk Shannon who has been around awhile in Canadian wrestling. Both grapplers appear in g-strings with Shannon wearing white boots and Genilli black. At the top of the final fall Shannon turns his back to Genilli who comes up behind him whacking him one with an elbow. It seems this was wrestling strategy on Shannon`s part for he shoots a well placed kick, grazing the chin of Genilli. Shannon lets out his big guns to smash Genilli to a pulp. This includes four big bodyslams in a row including one which slices Genilli with the top ring rope. Then a cannonball and finally the submission, the Shannon special - a back breaker! Peter Genilli is totally out of it. Shannon then has fun with his usual post-match activities, generating additional pain for Genilli. Dirk shannon takes another wrestling victim down.

Bout #4: paul perris vs. Dean christian: perris: 5`10",180#, 21. Christian: 5`9", 200#, 29. Paul Perris comes to the ring wearing a white g-string and black boots. Dean Christian`s gear is blue posing trunks and white boots. High action is what this match is all about. Dean Christian is super strong. He launches an all-out on Perris from the start. By the third fall Paul`s only hope is to counter with his kicks, which he does. But it is too little and too late. He is already a semi-basket case. Christian makes sure he permanently stays that way when he secures him in his infamous bearhug. Paul cannot stand the pressure and goes on to submit to the super strongman, Dean Christian .

Bout #5: johnny lightning vs. Steve arnold: lightning: 5`10", 190#, 22. Arnold : 5`8" , 210# , 22. Johnny challenges Steve to a pose-off before the match starts. Steve should have known. It`s only a ruse to setup Arnold for a several minute opening squash. But Steve manages to survive this blindside onslaught and dish out some hits of his own before master wrestling sadist Lightning continues his punishment of Arnold. Arnold`s face being mashed between Lightning`s thigh and calf muscles is priceless. But Arnold is tough. Johnny Lightning squashes big Steve Arnold as you would a bug. A totally humiliating defeat for Arnold.



FULL CAST LIST: Cliff Conlin, Dean Christian, Dirk Shannon, Doug Brandon, Johnny Lightning, Paul Perris, Peter Genilli, Steve Arnold
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Pro Wrestling