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Naked Wrestling 1

NAKED WRESTLING (4 BOUTS) BOUT 1: ROBBIE CARDENAS VS. TONY HOLLAND Tony is a little taller, doesn’t weigh that much more. He’s quick and continually manages to get out of most of Robbie’s holds. Robbie is definitely more skilled in wrestling. The two love to verbally banter, regularly spewing out insults. The wrestling is fast, freestyle, and competitive - two out of three falls. The only low blow comes in the second fall when Tony puts his foot on Robbie’s balls and through downward pressure encourages him to give up.

BOUT 2: BILLY POWELL VS. JOHNNY FOSTER Billy, who was a very good high school wrestler, has his opponent usually where he wants him. Under him! Billy sets the pace of the match, has fun toying with his opponent and regularly looks at and speaks to the camera – you! This is a very one- sided squash job – two out of three falls. The humiliation of his opponent has to be very high.

BOUT 3: BRAD WILDE VS. BRENT MICHAELS A very competitive very even matchup, two out of three falls. There are lots of good holds and reversals. Very evenly fought throughout. Brent wins the first fall with a full nelson. Brad comes back with the same thing adding a scissors. The third fall, again, is very evenly fought until Brad comes up with the hold he had been trying to get Brent to give up to throughout the match. Brad was a very hot favorite of BG’s. He is second generation Lebanese. Lean and mean, with a very hard body, and good wrestling skills.

BOUT 4: JOHNNY THRUST VS. BRAD WILDE Johnny seems to have an unlimited capacity for punishment or so it would seem. He is the victim of at least seven submissions that BG could see and hear. Perhaps you will count more? Brad puts poor Johnny into all kinds of different holds, some quite painful if you take Johnny’s cries of pain for real. This is a competitive matchup and Brad doesn’t hold back. There were plenty of times in the final moments when Brad could have held on to his hold for another submission, but he let go – seemingly wanting to prolong Johnny’s agony. A squash job for sure!



FULL CAST LIST: Billy Powell, Brad Wilde, Brent Michaels, Johnny Foster, Johnny Thrust, Robbie Cardenas, Tony Holland
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling
Mat Wrestling