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XXX Live Jack-Off Event 2

Starring: JOE ROMERO VS. RYAN BLOCK Joe: 6’, 190 lbs, brn/brn, 27 yo Ryan: 5’8”, 170 lbs, brn/brn, 29 yo There was no question that Joe was turned on to Ryan Block. The moment he got into his undergear, Joe’s cock got stiff and remained that way. He couldn’t keep his hands off Ryan whether he was in the oil pit or out of it. We get a peak at Joe’s hard cock during the highly erotic oiling scene when Ryan draws back Joe’s brief for a quick look, a shot of oil, and a greasing of the stiff tool. Joe Romero likes to be in control. He loves taking sexual advantage of his opponent while they are under his control. Less than a minute into the wrestling he is already erotically rubbing his oil-soaked briefs containing his huge hard-on into Block’s face. Throughout the first fall, Joe places Ryan in various holds and asks him if he gives. Ryan says “NO” many times. Joe continues to rub his crotch in his face, feel up his butt. He pulls Block’s red undergear down exposing Ryan’s butt. Joe’s hard-on pops up like “ready toast” from his dark blue undergear. Joe takes the first fall with a combination full nelson/body scissors. The problem with oil wrestling is that it is so slippery that one really has to get a good hold on the other to get a submission. Most holds can just be slipped out of. You will see a live photo shoot, directed by BG himself during the rest period. The second fall sees the wrestlers strip off their gear, Joe’s “hard-on” is now naked to the world. The second fall sees more of the same as occurred in the first: Total dominance by Joe – except everything now is nude. A heels over head submission takes care of Ryan in the second fall. What follows is some of the hottest post match eroticism ever recorded by BG. Block literally worships Joe’s hard cock from every conceivable cocksucking angle. Joe, on the other hand, pays attention to Ryan’s hot butt hole, his chest, his ass, and his balls. The “ball-licking”, “tit massaging”, and kissing that Joe does to Ryan while Block is jacking-off is very hot. Eventually this leads to a massive Block eruption, an audience eruption and a Romero eruption. Volcanoes all around. Wonderful, satisfying cum shots! This is a two-camera shoot, so all the action is caught.



FULL CAST LIST: Joe Romero, Ryan Block
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling
Oil Wrestling