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Jockstrap Wrestling 19

BOUT 1: DANE TANNER VS. JAKE SCORPIO There is nothing sweeter on the eyeballs for fans of Jockstrap Wrestling to see bodybuilder butts encased in a jock. And while Jake Scorpio has as sweet a butt as you could imagine there is absolutely no one that has as sweet a bubble butt as Dane Tanner. Aside from that this pro wrestling jockstrap bout that goes two out of three falls is as good as it gets within the confines of the wrestling area at hand. Jake manages to take this bout although it was a very close – could have gone either way.

BOUT 2: SCOTT RANDSOME VS. DANE TANNER More hot bodybuilder butts encased in jocks. Again, aside from that, this is a terrific pro wrestling match. This is one in which Dane Tanner wins. As the match proceeds into the third and final fall, Dane shows his knowledge of wrestling holds. He is determined to punish Scott Randsome and win the match. So when he traps Scott in two or three obvious submission holds if he only keeps them in his grip, and then lets go, it is apparent he wants to inflict as much damage on Randsome as he can before winning. And win he does. The final muscle pose is indicative of the pride he took in his victory.

BOUT 3: STEVE STERLING VS. JIMMY DEAN The only way the outmuscled and outweighed Jimmy Dean can level the playing field is to open dirty. And he does. He takes that towel he comes on to the mat with, wraps it around the neck of Sterling, virtually choking him out. With breath hard to come by, Sterling is an easy submission in the first fall. Can Dean keep this up? Well, no, he can’t. Jimmy Dean gets the brunt of Sterling’s wrath in the second and third falls. And while Jimmy comes back a couple of times, he cannot sustain it and falls victim to one hold after another. He is definitely outmuscled and outfoxed in this two out of three falls match.

BOUT 4: MIKE O’BRIAN VS. J.D.DARNELL Super wrestler Mike O’Brian usually wins his matches in two straight falls, but this time it did not happen. J.D. Darnell, while not a good offensive wrestler, is a very good defensive wrestler. He loses the match in two out of three falls, but as you will see there are a number of times that he manages to wiggle out of some of Mike’s best holds. But Mike also fails to take advantage of a few occasions he probably could have a submission out of J.D. This is a good all-out competitive freestyle matchup. Nudity, J.D.’s J/O.

BOUT 5: JIMMY DEAN VS. MICHAEL MORETTI Two falls. Jimmy wins both. He knows holds, Michael doesn’t. The first fall is in a competitive freestyle form. Jimmy puts Michael in a variety of holds, but Michael manages to get out of them – all except the last to which he has to submit. The second fall is more erotic. The two are concentrating on jock stripping. Once nude the two zero in more on each other physically. Michael’s got a hard on which Jimmy keeps grabbing. Michael eventually submits to some kind of hold, which BG cannot describe. Then the two go on to almost a simultaneous cumshot. You can tell Michael has been holding back, waiting for Jimmy. He wants to cum when Jimmy does.



FULL CAST LIST: Dane Tanner, J.D. Darnell, Jake Scorpio, Jimmy Dean, Michael Moretti, Mike O'Bryan, Scott Randsome (aka Kurtis Beefcake), Steve Sterling
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling
Mat Wrestling
Nude Wrestling