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Sexxxy Oil Fights

SEXXXY OIL FIGHTS (Two Matches) If it's going to be an oil fight, then the sexy ritual of oiling up becomes a prolonged pleasure.

In MATCH 1, Jason Hard wears a jock strap, and his opponent Jeremy Jones wears a hot pink wrestling singlet. Both men take extended and expected advantage of each other while oiling up being sure to cover every square inch of each others' bodies. It's getting hot in the Can-Am oil pit. In this match, while each man wants to best the other, it's more about the hard, slippery, sexy body contact than actually brutalizing the other. The action does get aggressive. And Jason and Jeremy do get into controlling the other....which gets much hotter when both men are stripped naked. So the jock and the singlet become quick history. Both men are handsome, smooth and sexy. And both men are pretty evenly matched. So the pleasure of watching this video can best be described as handsome, smooth, and sexy. And dirty. Both men are ravenous for each other's cocks, and work each other up to two huge gushers.
MATCH 2 pits younger boy-men Chase Daniels and Tony White together for a very horny oil pit hump session. While both boys are wearing lime green bikinis, it's not difficult telling them apart. Tony White has a very exotic India-boy look. Watching his body language reminds you of those Hindu temple carvings of every sex act position known to man. The boys thoroughly enjoy oiling each other up, but soon you can tell they want to get into bump and grind body contact. The lime green bikinis don't last long, and you're treated to legally young white, and one a rich bronze color....wrestle lock their arms and legs in almost every sexy position of those Hindu temple carvings. Since it's tough to show a cum shot carved in stone, you'll enjoy Chase's and Tony's cum-shot scene. It's anything but carved in stone.



FULL CAST LIST: Chase Daniels, Jason Hard, Jeremy Jones, Tony White
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
Muscle Worship
Oil Wrestling