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Hockey Havoc One & Two

Can-Am is continually scouting North America for the freshest and sexiest new talent. And when Boss Sexton saw pictures of Ron Masters, he told his Vancouver studio manager to sign him right up! HOCKEY HAVOC delivers studly young Masters in his first ever video match. Pitted against Can-Am pro Beau Bradley, the two real-life hockey players start out amicably enough at Bradley`s house getting ready for practice. But soon macho arrogance takes over and the two are rolling around the floor in a brawl. Ripping each other`s jeans and underwear they settle down enough to get to the rink. But the bad blood spills out onto the ice and their practice becomes another free-for-all fight, with gear flying all over the ice. Like two evenly pitted dogs fighting for dominance, they just won`t settle down until someone wins. And in the lockerroom, now fighting in their jockstraps, Bradley finally dumps Masters right into a gabage can. Dominance decided, the two hit the showers to wash off all the sweat they`ve worked up. This video also includes a special vignette, "Perfect Body".

Hockey Havoc has been a real favorite of our Vancouver studio fans, so we brought young stud Ron Masters back for one more round in the penalty box. But this time, Boss Sexton asked for something new and nasty, and after watching the sequel, we think you`ll agree Masters got off easy at the hands of Beau Bradley in the original. Hockey players by nature seem to always be getting into a little macho roughing-up, both on and off the ice. And this scrimmage between Masters, Cody Brooks, Dean Romero, and Rich Blackstone is no exception. In full hockey gear, they go at it on the ice before taking their testosterone fueled preening into the lockerroom. The always cocky Masters declares that he could handle all three of them and they gladly accept that challenge. Fed up with Masters, they make him their special target for torment. In various stages of gear, they take turns submitting Masters in various holds before completely ganging up on him. Sign us up for season tickets!



FULL CAST LIST: Beau Bradley, Cody Brooks, Dean Romero, Rich Blackstone, Ron Masters
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Cal Richards
Mat Wrestling
Muscle Bondage
Nude Wrestling