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Live At Phantom 1

LIVE AT PHANTOM I PROLOGUE: This is some of what BG wrote back in Sept of 1988. “The event called Phantom was unique all by itself even before BG Wrestling was asked to provide wrestling entertainment. Hosted by Zeus Studios at their annual black leather party for their closest friends and associates over the years, this summer event was becoming known far and wider each passing year. This year it was to be a Live Wrestling Event. BG was on the spot to put on a show that would not be forgotten. At the time little did BG know that it would be a show that would contain a watershed event in the history of BG Wrestling. As you’ll see in the video, the visuals and muscle off the wrestling mat was just as hot as that on the mat. With two BG wrestling titles on the line, Kid Leopard’s Lightweight and the Brooklyn Bodywrecker's Bruiserweight; with three new wrestlers making their BG debuts including a Gold’s Gym bodybuilding and a black bodybuilder, with a rodeo match resulting in the “loser gets hogtied”; this video was an absolute must for all loyal BG Wrestling Fans.” Enjoy:

BOUT 1: THE BROOKLYN BODYWRECKER VS. BUCK GIBSON - FOR THE BG BRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP 6’, 185 lbs of pure muscle, Buck Gibson – black bodybuilder extraordinary – likes being atop his opponent, but never in his wildest dreams did he ever expect to run into an opponent with the manically driven meanness of the Brooklyn Bodywrecker. To quote Zeus Studios own language about Buck Gibson who appeared in one of their deliciously different “Tightropes” videos: “Black goes beyond beautiful in this gladiator’s awesome muscularity. Great square-slabbed pecs, punctuated with dollar size dark brown nipples. Chiseled rippling abs, tree trunk thighs, and an outrageously perfect twin-globed muscle butt”…..and on it goes… get the idea. If you are into seeing this muscle perfect wrestler being head-butted, ball-grabbed and squeezed, stripped down to bare ass, thrown, lifted, and crucifixed by the pure meanness of the BBW, you’ll be in muscle-pounding heaven just like all those black leathered muscle dudes who were in attendance at this cock-hardening matchup.

BOUT 2: KID LEOPARD VS. BUDDY JUSTICE – FOR THE BG WRESTLING LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP It was a monumental clash of egos. On one side sat the supremely self-assured and undaunted challenger, Buddy Justice, accompanied by an 18 yo high school student valet. Facing opposite him was the Champion, Kid Leopard, who looked at his opponent with a disdain bordering on contempt. When Kid Leopard had asked for a 5-count pin, Justice said, “Fuck, make it 10. When I pin you’ll count to a hundred”. This is a knock-down drag-out match with both wrestlers going all out to get that title belt. Lots of submissions! A capacity crowd going nuts! Excitement galore! And you won’t know who wins until the last second!

BOUT 3: JASON WARD VS. THOM KATT – RODEO MATCH: LOSER GETS HOGTIED! If there ever was a matchup tailor made for an audience such as was in attendance, it was this one. If Thom Katt could survive the surprisingly able, energetic wrestling of the handsome newcomer Jason Ward, (Jason claims he is a mixture of about 8 races. If so he came out on the best side of all of them) then the crowd would be treated to Katt’s expertise in taming pretty muscleboys through bondage. And, for a while, it looked like he could not. Straight out of the gate Katt resorts to his usual viciousness, but a scant 60 seconds later Katt suddenly looks around and realizes he has lost the first fall through some highflying wrestling maneuvers by Jason Ward. It didn’t take Katt long to recover however, and for those of you who count on Katt to deliver squash jobs to pretty muscleboys, you will not be disappointed. The audience certainly was not as Katt, ably assisted by not one but two seconds, binds the hapless Ward hand and foot – and mouth. Katt’s two assistants carried “The garbage” back to the dressing room for what kind of action one can only surmise.

BOUT 4: GEORGE ATLAS VS. BRIAN BAXTER – A MUSCLE MATCH! What a match to end this live wrestling event. This bout of marvelous mind-blowing muscle obviously got the erotic juices of the crowd flowing, sending them on their individual ways as horny as possible. Brian Baxter was as pumped up and buffed as could be. Not nearly as underhanded and vicious as Thom Katt, Baxter nonetheless loves to make his usually very muscular, pretty opponents squirm as he tries to sit on their faces, slap their asses and generally embarrass them on the way to certain defeat. He tries the same tactic here with George Atlas – a Gold’s Gym bodybuilder. BG won’t ruin the outcome of this match in this description, but you may be surprised by the outcome



FULL CAST LIST: Brian Baxter, Brooklyn Bodywrecker, Buck Gibson, Buddy Justice, George Atlas, Jason Ward, Kid Leopard, Thom Katt
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling
Mat Wrestling