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Live At Phantom 2

PROLOGUE: The pec-pumped, bicep bulging, crowd of handsome Leatherman were expecting to see action-packed brutal wrestling. They got it in spades. Two wrestlers ended up with Excedrin headaches, another had a leg injury, and still another had to nurse his balls that were inspected by a doctor in attendance as a result of some post-match brutality. Zeus Studios was so happy with the 1988 Live Wrestling Event, that BG was invited once more to put on a show for the 1989 Zeus Summer Event. Interspersed amongst the wrestling bouts are short pre and post match interviews with the wrestlers. Some are conducted in the locker room, some in the showers, and some in the historic Long Beach Wrestling Arena. BG suggests you watch the wrestling first, then come back and scan the crowd. Using freeze frame or frame-by-frame advance on your DVD player will isolate the more muscular, handsome and sexy members of the audience.

BOUT 1: RAW DEAL VS. JASON WARD - 1 FALL TO A FINISH Raw “The Mouth” Deal (from Boston) manages to get the crowd pissed off almost immediately with some very pointed and nasty remarks about Californians, followed by a poke to Jason’s well developed pecs. Ward, not willing to be a wimpy punching bag, attacks. Punches, a body slam, falling elbows to Deal’s chest had the “mouth” reeling. But Jason tries one elbow too many. Raw Deal lifts a knee and Jason falls right into it. Then Raw Deal does what he does best. He sets about to destroy his opponent. He grabs Ward’s balls through Jason’s rear end and squeezes. From then on Ward becomes what he didn’t want to end up being – Raw Deal’s punching bag. Ward’s balls are Raw Deal’s favorite targets. But he also spreads his mouth, clotheslines, boot smashes, bites and surfboards him. Jason makes a comeback or two which hold the promise of victory, but he falls sucker to some dastardly trick conjured up by Raw Deal every time. What Raw Deal does to Ward post-fall requires the doctor in attendance. It was particularly brutal and uncalled for, but this puts BG’s East Coast grapplers off to a roaring squashing start as the “Mouth of the East” mashes Ward into the mat.

BOUT 2: TOM “TNT” HORRIGAN VS. ROCKY ROJO – A BG INTERDIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP BOUT – TWO OUT OF THREE FALLS The lightweight champion of BG’s Bratpack Wrestling Division, Tom “TNT” Horrigan vs. the champion of BG’s Latino Division, Rocky Rojo. Horrigan from Boston, Rojo from East Los Angeles. Rojo, a tough, wiry, tightly muscled handsome hunk is no one to be trifled with. Rocky loves to win, and usually does. His blows are stiff, tough and hit their mark. His knee drives knock the crap out of TNT, and lead the way for this match to become a super brutal pro battle between two of the very best from BG’s talent-packed lightweights. With Raw Deal acting as Horrigan’s manager, Rojo had better watch his back. Naturally the worst happens when Rojo is blindsided by Raw Deal. A wild donnybrook breaks out and the ending may surprise you. This match is tough and rugged with no holds barred featuring some highflying action and expert mat work. These two make for an ideal matchup: The East Coast’s Bratpack bad boy in a Kelly green Speedo, hugging a set of hot Boston-Irish buns; and in the other corner, the darkly handsome, tough as nails East L.A. Latino spitfire wearing his trademark skimpy red briefs and boots over a red-hot muscle-packed, tight and defined body.

BOUT 3: KID LEOPARD VS. DUSTY RYDER – 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS – SUBMISSION ONLY Dusty Ryder is a rookie, but he’s no wimp. His entrance caused quite a stir amongst the assembled crowd. They could sense his all-manhood and ballsy energy. His long, blond rock-style blond hair trailed in the breeze behind him as he strode forthright and boldly on to the mat. His very big and thick equipment was well placed, beautifully encased. It created a provocative and forward thrusting bulge as he moved, to the wonder and delight of the crowd. He was a provocative challenge to Kid Leopard, who stood glaring and staring in his Leopard G-String and black boots, having been accompanied to the mat by a gorgeous leather boy “second”. Leopard licked his chops, anticipating some imaginative wrestling delights and tortures ahead for the soon-to-be hapless and hurting blond boy. If Dusty Ryder was impressed or intimidated, he didn’t show it. He was hot for a fight, but had no idea what to expect. Rusty is game and shows the Kid some good holds, but Kid Leopard seemed not-at-all in a generous mood after Rusty’s cauliflower-ear making headlock assault. The blond West Coast singing surfer-boy gets battered and mauled, and becomes the involuntary guinea-pig for some successful experiments in submission and other nasty configurations of muscle and mayhem. The East takes the West, by submission, in two straight falls.

BOUT 4: JASON KNIGHT VS. BRYAN WALSH 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS –A BRUISERWEIGHT CLASH At 6’ and 195 lbs, Bryan Walsh was at his best and most muscular looking condition of his life. But he is up against a feared and brutal competitor. Knight has had extensive martial arts training. Originally from Yugoslavia (at the time), he served in their army – parachute division. He shrinks from no man and no battle. He even looks military, with his short blond crew cut. And as the wrestling bout proceeds both grapplers go all out to win. Walsh is the victim of many of Knight’s martial arts techniques and several times he loses his cool with Jason. Knight himself finds out what it means to be on the savage end of Walsh’s normally cool but always showy style of wrestling. This is a savage battle that is all too real. BG has told you previously that at least two West Coast wrestlers end up being squashed by BG’s East Coast Grapplers, but how the Rojo/Horrigan matchup and the Knight/Walsh bout end you’ll just have to see for yourself.



FULL CAST LIST: Bryan Walsh, Dusty Ryder, Jason Knight, Jason Ward, Kid Leopard, Raw Deal, Rocky Rojo, Tom "TNT" Horrigan
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling
Mat Wrestling