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Hung Country for Young Men

Set somewhere off I-40 in the hot and dusty town of Weed, New Mexico, Hung Country for Young Men tells the tale of drifter (Rocky Houston) who causes havoc for a small town gay sheriff (new hunky Jet Set Exclusive Dylan Wood) when he steals and sleeps his way through the town. Along the way, we meet the owner of the local Roadhouse Saloon (Tyler Saint) who has a sizzling yet romantic scene with his beer delivery guy (Tommy Blade), and three bar patrons (Rod Daily, Trystian Sweet and Kevin Cavalli) who end up in a wild 3 way in the Saloon’s men’s room. The last scene features a climactic—in more ways than one!—encounter between the Sheriff and the Drifter that is as hot as it is surprising!



FULL CAST LIST: Dylan Wood, Kevin Cavalli, Kyle York, Rocky Houston, Rod Daily, Tommy Blade, Trystian Sweet, Tyler Saint, Tyler St. James
STUDIO: Jet Set Men
DIRECTOR: Chris Steele
Sex Parody


Scene 1, DYLAN WOOD (Sheriff Jones), KYLE YORK (The Rowdy) & ROCKY HOUSTON (The Drifter) (00:00 min)
DYLAN WOOD (Sheriff Jones), KYLE YORK (The Rowdy) & ROCKY HOUSTON (The Drifter)
Sheriff Jones, in a voice-over narration, tells us that, "This is the day everything changed in our town." A Drifter (Rocky Houston) arrives in town on a Trailways Bus, gets off for a brief bathroom break, and somehow misses getting back on. He's a "wanted man" in Weed, having stolen odd items from various houses around town. The Sheriff nabs him and throws his ass in jail. As the movie begins, the Sheriff is throwing a Rowdy (Kyle York) into jail for smashing bottles at the Roadhouse and hitting, as luck would have it, the Sheriff himself. He, too, is marched off to jail by the Sheriff, but the one-bed cell already has an occupant - the Drifter. The two "fugitives" check each other out and, at the Drifter's suggestion, decide to flip a coin for possession of the mattress. But the Drifter, who wins the toss, offers to share it. They settle down on the bed and immediately begin to play with each other. The Drifter kisses his bedmate and gets his dick out. The "ever-horny" Sheriff, who's watching the two from outside the cell, allows his hormones to take over and comes in to make it a 3-way. He drops his pants and gets the Rowdy to suck on him. But when the Sheriff is occupied getting it on, the Drifter steals the keys and sneaks off, locking the two in the cell behind him. Since no one will find them until morning, the Sheriff decides to make the best of a bad situation and spend the night having wild sex with the Rowdy. The Rowdy goes back to blowing the Sheriff, and the Sheriff returns the favor. The Sheriff is now out of his clothes, and the Rowdy has thrown his shirt off. The Sheriff fucks his captive bent over the bed (at right), and then on his back. The Rowdy jacks himself off as he's getting pounded, and the viewer gets a great view of the Sheriff's hot muscular ass as he does so. The Rowdy cums on himself. The Sheriff follows suit and shoots his load.


Scene 2, TYLER SAINT (The Bartender) & TOMMY BLADE (The Delivery Guy) (19:50 min)
TYLER SAINT (The Bartender) & TOMMY BLADE (The Delivery Guy)
The next morning at the Roadhouse Saloon, as the Bartender (Tyler Saint) is setting up his bar, a horny beer Delivery Guy (Tommy Blade) appears and wastes no time in coming on to him. As they kiss and start to get out of their clothes, it's obvious that's something been going on between these two. The Bartender seizes the opportunity, and the two head off to a stock room to have sex. Their shirts come off displaying their great muscular bodies. The Bartender settles on a stool as the Delivery Guy blows his beautiful big dick. The Delivery Guy works his way out of his clothes as he sucks on his friend (at left). His dick is so long and thick, the Delivery Guy can only go down on it so far. Both are now naked and ready for the main event. The Delivery Guy kneels on a couch to get his ass rimmed and really worked on. Then, he offers his butt up for fucking, and the Bartender pushes his thick dick in. The Delivery Guy moves back and forth to literally fuck himself like a jackrabbit on the Bartender's hot cock. Then he flips over to take the Bartender's ramming his dick down into his ass, providing the videographer some great shots of the fucking action. The Delivery Guy drops his load on his own stomach, and the Bartender beats his dick to shoot over his friend.


Scene 3, ROD DAILY & TRYSTIAN SWEET (Pool Players) & KEVIN CAVALLI (Bar Cruiser) (25:58 min)
Later that night at the Roadhouse Saloon, the Sheriff is kicking back with a beer and dumping his woes on the Bartender. He's worried about keeping his job, since he already has a DUI on his record. The Bartender tells him not to worry. "You know what they say about you Sheriff, you always get your man". The Sheriff comes on to the Bartender, but he puts him off saying, "You aren't ready for me yet." Across the way, two guys (Trystian Sweet and Rod Daily) are playing pool. It ends when Trystian wins and his boyfriend Rod stalks off to the men's room to take a piss. Kevin Cavalli, who has been cruising Rod from the bar, follows him. There's only one urinal, so Kevin stands to the side, just waiting and watching. Finished, but with his dick still in hand, Rod turns to Kevin, and they both start jacking off. Kevin drops to his knees to give Rod head and continue working his own dick. There's a bale of hay with a blanket thrown over it stashed in the room, so they take advantage and sit on it. After a while, they reverse positions and Rod sucks on Kevin. Trystian comes in and catches his boyfriend Rod having sex with some cock sucking stranger. But, not being one to pass up hot sex, he immediately loses his clothes and joins in. Kevin lies on the bale to continue to get sucked by Rod while he gets face fucked by Trystian (at right). Kevin likes being the center of things as turns over to get fucked by Rod. Trystian wants to get in on the fucking action too, so he moves behind Rod and makes it a 3-way train fuck. Kevin next fucks Rod over the bale while he sucks on Trystian. Rod turns over to jack off and the others jack off over him. Both Kevin and Trystian cum on Rod causing him to add to the pool of cum.


Scene 4, DYLAN WOOD & ROCKY HOUSTON (20:29 min)
As the night ends, it's obvious that the Sheriff has had too much to drink. The Bartender discovers the Drifter hiding out in his stock room and turns him over to the Sheriff, who wants to "teach him a lesson". He tells the Bartender to go on home and leave him there with his captive. The Bartender tosses him the keys and leaves the two behind. The Drifter goes down on the Sheriff and sucks on him. As he's getting a blow job, he gets out of his clothes. The Sheriff is obviously attracted to the Drifter and lets him know that he's "finally doing something right". The Sheriff then sucks the Drifter's dick (at left). The Sheriff wants his ass, and fucks the Drifter spread out on the pool table, showing off his own awesome ass again. The Sheriff then fucks the Drifter on his stomach, working hard to get it in. He shoots his own thick white cum all over the Drifters leg, who then spurts his own load. Exhausted, the Sheriff passes out, naked and face down on the pool table. Once again the Drifter escapes. The voice-over narration picks up again. "What did I learn that day," the Sheriff asks? "Don't let your dick think for you. Don't drink in front of pretty boys. And never trust a drifter with a cute ass." These sound like lessons he could easily unlearn, when the next opportunity arises.