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Jockstrap Wrestling 17

BOUT 1: SCOTT RANDSOME VS. FLYBOY Big, buff, handsome, muscled guys stuffing their shapely glutes into jocks, which perfectly frame those hard, gorgeous butts. Jocks ripped off. Flyboy a pussy, as Randsome wins two straight falls. But Flyboys ass – Whew! Best viewing is Flyboy flat on the mat where he usually is in this match. Nudity!

BOUT 2: J.T. EASTON VS. KIP LANE Easton is a moving anatomy chart. You talk about ripped! He’s a real beauty to look at as he moves spastically around the mat. Thank goodness Kip is there, as he‘s a wrestling club member and knowledgeable about the sport. Natch, it’s Kip in two straight falls. The ending is hot. Nudity, cum-shots.

BOUT 3: MIKE O’BRYAN VS. ADAM ARCHER The first fall is very, very competitive. Adam was a toughie from whom to get a submission. Mike had his hands full. But after that poor Adam ran out of steam, literally. At one point in the second fall, he just puts up his hands – saying I can’t wrestle anymore. Too much smoking? Mike is a good wrestler and the first fall really showcases his talents. Nudity!

BOUT 4: SONNY BEAUDROUX VS. LES STINE Smooth defined muscularity vs. tank-like hairy body. Surprisingly this is a very aggressive bout. Sonny manages to win in two out of three falls. Surprisingly, we say, because most of his other bouts do not exhibit such aggressiveness. Motivated by something? Opposites attracting? Whatever, the two end up squirting oil on each other and Les loves running his hand over Sonny’s beautiful, smooth, hard, muscled torso. The two go on to impressive J/O’s.

BOUT 5: CHAD STEEL VS. ASHLEY STUDZ Chad is built like a wrestler, short of stature, but solid. Ashley is taller, has huge slightly hairy pecs, gorgeous butt, and is handsome as well. Both of them are muscled stunners. Chad, in an effort to level his playing field, goes for Ashley’s legs as often as possible. Check it out. Chad is sitting on the mat. Ashley is standing. Chad’s legs dart out trying to ensnare Ashley’s. More often than not he connects and brings Ashley to the mat. Studz is strong, no doubt about it. He muscles he way out of many a full nelson. Ultimately though he tires and has to submit. But he does manage to win two falls to take the bout. Nudity, J/O.



FULL CAST LIST: Adam Archer, Ashley Studz, Chad Steel, FlyBoy, J.T. Easton, Kip Lane, Les Stine, Mike O'Bryan, Scott Randsome, Sonny Beaudreaux
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling
Mat Wrestling