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Live At The Metro

BOUT 1: BUTCH GRAHAM VS. SKIP MALIBU (FREESTYLE WRESTLING, ONE FALL) From Boston, BG presents a Live Wrestling Event. In this first bout both wrestlers wear their tightest and most clinging of wrestling singlets, Graham blue and Malibu red. The referee for this match is Musclehunk, Doug Warren. Doug has appeared in a variety of BG videos, most notably the Jockstrap variety. Here he appears in a pair of tight jeans, which show off his gorgeous butt. This bout is one fall to a finish. See how Butch Graham takes some cheap shots in this freestyle matchup and how he dominates most of the bout from start to the finish.

BOUT 2 KID LEOPARD VS. THOM KATT Entering the ring in outrageous West Coast punk drag, Katt was instantly hated by the assembled crowd. The spotlight shifted to the entering Kid Leopard, who amazed his fans by appearing in a “good-guy outfit” – white boots, blue trunks and a white jacket. What a change from his usual nasty “habits”. The Kid wanted to dispel all doubters of his wrestling ability. While there is no doubt that the Kid can and has won by nefarious behavior, he wanted to show the crowd tonight that he can also win through his encyclopedic knowledge of wrestling holds. And while the evil Katt does do his nasty thing including giving Kid Leopard’s balls a good squeeze, Kid Leopard ultimately does prevail with his knowledge of wrestling holds. His strategy proved sound. This match goes a full two out of three falls. The referee, once again, is Doug Warren.

BOUT 3 BRYAN WALSH VS. PSYCHO CAPONE At 230 lbs, hot looking hunk, Psycho Capone, enters the ring wearing black tights and a studded leather harness and belt accompanied by his dangerous looking second, Cowboy Chris Duffy who carries a huge bullwhip and wears a longriders coat, cowboy hat and boots. Arrayed against this formidable looking pair is Bryan Walsh, currently a bodybuilding trainer at a local gym. He looks fantastic in his yellow trunks, black boots, and weighing in at 190 lbs. Capone jumps on Walsh at the start of the match and we find out quickly why he is called Psycho. Bryan is thrown all over inside and outside the ring. This is as exciting as pro wrestling gets, ending up with everyone in the ring at once. A terrific high-flying, slam-bang action match. The ref: Jumpin’ Joe Eugenio, an ex-pro wrestler

BOUT 4 THE BEASTIE BOYS vs. THE ALL-AMERICAN BOYS Bruiser Bronson & Randy Roberts vs. Scott Rogers & Matt Carlton The Beasties pretty much control the entire first fall with their underhanded and double teaming tactics. But the All-American Boys engineered the upset of the evening in that they were not only able to take all the nastiness thrown at them by the Beastie Boys, but come back and defeat them. The match goes the full two out of three falls.

BOUT 5: BRIAN BAXTER VS. TIM ANDERSON By the time these two came on to the scene, the attending crowd had been whipped into a frenzy and were they ever ready to see this match. The referee for this whipped cream wrestling match was none other than Kid Leopard’s brother: Raw Deal. After the strip dancing, after the money stuffing, after crowd interaction, two lucky young guys get to spread the whipped cream on the beautiful California muscleboys. When the match finally begins, it’s a lot of slipping and sliding. The ref, Raw Deal, had something going against Tim Anderson, and he takes every opportunity to blindside him. Finally both Tim and Brian have had enough and Tim gets his revenge with Brian assisting. A 3 way brawl breaks out and the match ends. A vote by the crowd attending gives the win to Tim Anderson.



FULL CAST LIST: Brian Baxter, Bryan Walsh, Butch Graham, Kid Leopard, Psyco Capone, Skip Malibu, Thom Katt, Tim Anderson
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling
Pro Wrestling