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Rookie BeatDown 1

Right off the bat we'll admit that Cameron Matthews is one of our all time favorite fighters to work with. Not only does he work hard on his body but he also works real hard on his wrestling skills... which keeps us "real hard." While Cameron was on a recent trip to Los Angeles, Boss Sexton signed him up for a new wrestling series titled "Rookie Beatdown" which features new "raw" talent looking to break into the underground wrestling business.... and who better to be the diabolical teacher/coach? First up is Bobby Blake, who from his looks could be Mark Wolff's younger brother. Hard bodied and muscular in all the right places. Looking sexy in his blue Speedo the confident rookie enter the ring to the already impatient Matthews. Wasting no time - Matthews takes control and starts his manhandling of the rookie... putting him in one hold after another, demanding the rookie identify what hold he's being subjected to. Cameron Matthews has grown up with more muscle mass on his frame and hotter looks. His world class ass alone deserves a paragraph or two. He really is spectacular in his too tight red Speedo and white boots. You can tell he enjoys his job putting this rookie through his paces. Did we mention that Bobby suffers from start to finish. Cameron picks a body part and works it until the rookie "jobber" can't take it anymore and is force to do push-ups as more punishment. AND if that's not enough Cameron has added even more tools to his already substantial arsenal... crotch attacks!



FULL CAST LIST: Bobby Blake, Cameron Matthews
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
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