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Arena 15

BOUT 1: TNT HORRIGAN VS. JASON WARD – ONE FALL TO A FINISH Visiting from Boston, TNT Horrigan patience is being severely tried as he awaits, in the ring, the arrival of his opponent Jason Ward. This isn’t good because TNT’s patience is notoriously short. Eager Jason finally bounds into the ring eager to do his best against the smaller grappler. In the initial contact Horrigan slowly backs Ward into the ring ropes and almost casually lays into him with some heavy chest pounding. He then traps the larger wrestler in a hammerlock and forces him to his knees. But if you think Jason is going to roll over for this small punk from Boston you soon see another side to him. He matches Horrigan blow for blow in an effort to defeat him using TNT’s own street-fighting technique. And he gets away with it right into the middle of the bout. Reversals, bearhugs, back breakers, hammers, ball bashing, wrestlers flying through the ropes, jumping off turnbuckles. Both grapplers pull out all the stops to defeat the other. Can Jason outlast the little Boston street fighter and match his viciousness? You’ll definitely want to check out this extremely entertaining match up.

BOUT 2: BRYAN WALSH VS. DAVE ROSLIN – TWO OUT OF THREE FALLS Bryan Walsh, one of the most talented of pro wrestlers, gets the stuffing kicked out of him in the opening seconds of this bout. “I guess I underestimated you, didn’t I,” Bryan says to Roslin. Walsh has a new respect for his opponent, while at the same time pledging to himself no more mistakes. By the time Roslin ends up stretched across across Walsh’s broad muscled shoulders shouting out a submission in the first fall, he has experienced a good wrestling lesson. Roslin comes out strong in the second fall attacking Walsh with some big bearhugs. Bryan doesn’t submit, but he is clearly weakened. Roslin next gives Walsh a big over head body slam. BAM! This now makes Walsh an easy target for one of the sweatiest, stretchiest, most painful ab stretches ever seen. The bout is now tied 1-1. Can Roslin, a relative rookie, overcome Bryan Walsh’s vast experience and occasional dirty shots? The final fall tells this story and more. For those into post match humiliation, check this one out.

BOUT 3: STEVE KELLY VS. RAW DEAL – ONE FALL TO FINSIH BG is pleased to have signed this match featuring Steve “Ironman” Kelly, a good looking muscled wrestler, who can pack a pair of speedos like very few can. Finding just the right wrestler to be able to squash Steve’s beautiful physique into screaming submission and along the way exhibit the fantastic body for you connoisseurs of “muscle” was BG’s challenge. Who else but Raw “The Mouth” Deal! Deal comes into the ring accompanied by TNT Horrigan, badmouthing Kelly all the way. But it is Raw Deal who does most of the screaming in the opening minutes of this matchup as Kelly tries his very best to get this big bad guy from the Boston to submit to his massive and squashing front and rear bear hugs combined with corner post smashing. Raw Deal resists and turns the tables. From that point on Kelly is subject to a thorough squash job. What happens at the end of the bout when Raw Deal and TNT Horrigan double-team Kelly? Well, Kelly would feel the result of this bout throughout his body for days. For those who love to see Muscleboys get mashed and squashed with the ultimate in agony, this match is delectable. Lots of ball bashing.

BOUT 4: C.J. VS. KEVIN BRYANT – A TWO OUT OF THREE FALL SHOOTER BOUT A shooter bout is a competitive freestyle matchup, where both wrestlers go all out to defeat the other. This style of wrestling takes an enormous amount of energy and a very fit body to be able to go the distance. You have seen C.J. and Kevin grapple in Jockstrap Wrestling, but for this bout nothing less than BG’s giant Arena ring would do.

BOUT 5: AARON HART VS. MARK MUELLER Mueller is from Switzerland, Hart from the San Fernando Valley, California. They are friends, but when approached by BG to interview for a possible bout in the BG Pro Ring, a friendly rivalry and a need to find out who is the better man was detected. This bout is an interesting combination of pro and freestyle wrestling. Both grapplers seem to have an unlimited energy supply. The grappling is good give and take with the bout very even throughout. But gradually Hart is worn down through a series of standing full nelsons, bearhugs, and ultimately three backbreakers. Many times throughout the bout the crowd in attendance is wowed by some big moves. The entertainment quotient is very high.

BOUT 6: DAVID DALE VS. KEN WATERS For shooters fans. This is an all out barefoot grapple bout between two very energetic wrestlers. From one of the longest held headlocks to the final leg lock submission, Ken Waters is misused and abused virtually the whole match. And watching from the sidelines is Michael Reuter, with an added mustache.



FULL CAST LIST: Aaron Hart, Bryan Walsh, C.J. Belle, Dave Roslin, David Dale, Jason Ward, Ken Waters, Mark Mueller, Raw Deal, Steve Kelly, Tom "TNT" Horrigan
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling
Pro Wrestling