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Jockstrap Wrestling 13

BOUT 1: BUDDY JUSTICE VS. RICK COLEMAN Buddy tends to dominate whomever he is wrestling, and wrestling Rick Coleman proves to be no exception. While Buddy “allows” Rick to dominate him from time to time, you can tell it’s at Buddy’s whim. Rick submits to a few of Buddy’s holds and ends up having to jack-off under Buddy’s direction.

BOUT 2: GEOFF BLACK VS. ANDREW BISHOP Andrew has the most adorable physique and bubble butt. He also enjoys being a bottom. To Geoff this was a perfect opponent. Geoff is a natural top and has a bit of a sadistic streak. Andrew ends up in bondage, both wrestling and rope. Both J/O at the end what is essentially a Jockstrap squash jo

BOUT 3: VINCE VS. JOEL Not the best wrestling bout in BG’s largess, but for those who enjoy seeing hot Latino’s in a frisky roll-around, this will be your meat. Nudity, J/O.

BOUT 4: DAMIEN BRADFORD VS. BOBBY-LEE MARTIN Pound for pound Damien Bradford, with a small but ripped physique, could not be beaten in BG wrestling. He could take down opponents twice his size. His speed, his strength, his tenacity, his wrestling hold knowledge was superior to all. This match is an example of his wrestling prowess. His fav hold was a sleeper. With his speed he could get behind his opponents and slap on his sleeper at any time. These aren’t entertainment sleepers; these sleepers are real.
BOUT 5: PETE KREIG VS. KEVIN BRYANT The casting for these Jockstrap matches, most of which were videotaped in the early 90’s, relied to a certain degree on Athletic Model Guild wrestlers during the Bob Mizer (the original owner) period. Pete and Kevin are two such wrestlers. AMG wrestlers were some of the fiercest competitors that BG ever featured. The wrestling is totally all-out competitive. Pete’s favorite hold is the scissors, but notice that sleepers are a close second. These are real sleepers folks!



FULL CAST LIST: Andrew Bishop, Bobby-Lee Martin, Buddy Justice, Damien Bradford, Geoff Black, Joel (BG), Kevin Bryant, Pete Krieg, Rick Coleman, Vince (BG)
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling

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