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BOUT 1:THOM KATT VS. MICHAEL REUTER In this bout Katt could not have had a more delectable muscled morsel on which to literally chew (which he does often) than Michael Reuter. Reuter is clawed, punched, ball grabbed, choked, hair pulled. What is even worse, he suffers complete verbal humiliation before his peers as Katt continually taunts him. Michael’s normally aggressive style of wrestling is totally cut off by the vicious Katt, who keeps him always off guard with his unique style of grappling if you can call it that. The referee even gets thrown out of the ring when he attempts to interfere with Katt’s bold choking. (Referees in BG Wrestling are always in the ring A.T.O.R. - At Their Own Risk) Katt goes on to an easy two-fall victory. Katt’s wrestling ability and downright nastiness make Reuter subject to the worst squash job of his BG wrestling career. This bout features an announcer/referee and boisterous crowd.

BOUT 2:BOBBY LEE MARTIN VS. JOHN BORSOS It wasn’t too long into this bout that there was an accident. Bobby-Lee had just been subjected to an attack on his balls. Then something happened to John’s eye. When BG saw what happened the match was stopped. Fortunately John did recover from any eye damage. The bout was called a draw on account of injury. See if you can tell how it happened. It’s kind of a shame because this was a very fierce freestyle matchup between two excellent wrestlers.

BOUT 3:JOHN ST. JAMES VS. MICHAEL LORING This is an all-out freestyle competition between one of BG’s finest freestyle wrestlers, 18 yo John St. James, fresh out of high school, and early 20’s blond, scrappy Michael Loring. John comes to the ring wearing a T-back, Loring in white Speedos. With a deeper background in amateur wrestling, John had the advantage and it showed. This style of wrestling can rapidly wear out an individual who does not have the proper aerobic conditioning, but both grapplers kept an all-out pace going for quite some time. Loring ends up in what John calls his Russian Army submission.

BOUT 4:TIM ANDERSON VS. JOHN ST. JAMES Both grapplers wear thongs. Both have gorgeous butts to justify the gear. St. James comes on strong, but Tim Anderson is not a shrinking violet. He launches a forceful counter-attack. St. James, heretofore, a very good guy, decides to use underhanded tactics against Anderson. How it plays out in this match in which Anderson has height and weight advantage is interesting to see in this full two out of three falls match attended by a crowd of wrestlers and on lookers.

BOUT 5:BUDDY JUSTICE VS. DANNY BROWN This was Buddy’s first match with BG - a barefoot Speedo confrontation with cute Danny Brown. It soon became clear to BG that Buddy Justice’s skills far exceeded Brown’s. And even though there is pretty good give and take in the first fall it is Buddy who comes out on top. Give Danny credit though, he comes on more forcefully in the second fall, at one point tying Buddy up in the ring ropes and choking the blond wrestler. After being softened up, Buddy eventually falls victim to Danny’s camel clutch. Buddy is pissed. In the 3rd fall he launches an all-out assault. Brown is viciously body slammed, unmercifully slugged, thrown out of the ring, head bashed on the mat. Danny recovers somewhat but from there it is Justice all the way to the end of the match.



FULL CAST LIST: Buddy Justice, Danny Brown, John Borsos, John St. James, Michael Loring, Thom Katt, Tim Anderson
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling
Mat Wrestling
Pro Wrestling