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Jockstrap Wrestling 10

BOUT 1: LUCKY STRYKER VS. KEITH JACKSON An all black grappler freestyle bout. These guys grapple in an all-out grueling matchup to five falls. Even though Keith Jackson is very muscled and outweighs Lucky by a few, Lucky is deadly with holds. He wins four out of five falls. Once he clamps a good hold on you, generally you have to submit. There is no other option. Depending on how long you hold out, nine times out of ten, a submission is still forthcoming no matter. Some guys just don`t like to give up.

BOUT 2: ALAN LOVE VS. CHRISTOPHER Two wrestling bottoms are grappling to be a winner. For Alan Love, Christopher`s gorgeous ass is a focal point. Alan does not miss an opportunity to whack that steel hard butt as often as possible. Christopher doesn`t whack back, but he does try to outwrestle Alan. In this two out of three fall matchup, it is Alan Love who prevails. Nudity.

BOUT 3: ART BOSCH VS. AUSTIN PERKINS Bosch is smaller than Perkins, but he`s very aggressive. It doesn`t help him too much because Art controls this match from start to finish. He is particularly into lifting and since Art is the smaller grappler, the lifting is fairly easy. A great way to show wrestling dominance, making the smaller grappler feel helpless.

BOUT 4: SERGE CARAVAGGIO VS. IVAN MALEK Two very muscular wrestlers grappling on the mat with defined muscularity and gorgeous butts flexing along the way. Ivan is a tough wrestler and quite willing to do what is necessary to win, which he does in two straight falls. Second fall finds Serge wailing because his balls are being grabbed and squeezed. He gives up.

BOUT 5: ZEFF RYAN VS. PAUL DOUGLAS Zeff has wrestling superiority in this bout with a victory. Nudity/JO.

BOUT 6: BRAD STEELE VS. MICHAEL CARPENTER Brad is a big bodybuilder, in excess of 200 lbs. Michael has come for a wrestling lesson. Brad gives him a lesson and then some. Michael is put into all kinds of nasty holds and judging from his bellowing, these holds hurt. Brad is a tough teacher and he does not hold back. Nudity.



FULL CAST LIST: Alan Love, Art Bosch, Austin Perkins, Brad Steele, Christopher, Ivan Malek, Keith Jackson, Lucky Stryker, Michael Carpenter, Paul Douglas, Serge Caravaggio, Zeff Ryan
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling
Cum Shots
Mat Wrestling