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Nick Blackwell is back, and the poor guy just wants to work out.

Jimmy Jacobs wants his sushi.

An epic battle begins.

Nick Blackwell kicked and struggled beautifully in I'll Make You Suffer 1. At the mercy of a much bigger opponent, he all but cried like a baby. Maybe he's got something to prove. Maybe the sight of hungry, cranky, lounging skirt-wearing Jimmy Jacobs simply puts him in a mood to fight. Either way, he's calmer than before, standing taller, and ready to put the flex on this clown. In the shadow of powerhouse Brian Cage, it was hard to realize just how stunning, defined, and muscular Nick Blackwell really was. A perfect musculature emphasized by a curving pectoral tattoo...silvery lycra trunks trimmed with purple emphasize his lower boots and pro gear complete the effect. This is a real man, not less powerful for being pretty.

Jimmy Jacobs is the Charlie Day of the wrestling world. Every other word is a jab or a joke, delivered with a half-smile and a toss of his dyed red hair. He's like a puppy that can't stop barking. But this puppy has some bite. Though smaller, he has a tight, taught body, squarely hard and trimmed with piercings. He also has the wrestling expertise of a true pro. Off comes the skirt, giving way to red speedos and stark white wrestling boots.

In an instant, two very different bodies come crashing together. Jacobs gets the upper hand immediately, crushing Nick's head between bicep and forearm. But the tattooed man turns the tables, spreading his powerful chest muscles wide to force Jimmy down to his knees. As the smaller man suffers, Nick insults the suffering stud's hair. If you like seeing men panting on their knees, trash talking and terrorizing one another, this is the match for you.

A stark white boot plows into a silvery clad package. A tattooed man tumbles to the floor. Arms and fists smash into abs.

"I will make you fucking suffer!" shouts the stubbly, smaller man, clamping both hands firmly around Blackwell's jaw and applying an unbearable level of pressure. Blackwell moans in pain as he is forced onto his stomach so that Jimmy Jacobs can crush him with his full weight while waxing poetic about his need for sushi and his desire to destroy Blackwell's pretty face or break his arm.

In an incredible act of strength, Jacobs hoists Blackwell up off the floor and suspends him upside-down from the yellow ropes, putting him perfectly in place for abdominal, face, and arm punishment...later enveloping him in a full body scissor, forearm crushing his neck, fingers entwined in his hair...all the while the trash talk never stops.

Will Blackwell be able to redeem himself? Or will Jacobs make him suffer even more?



FULL CAST LIST: Jimmy Jacobs, Nick Blackwell
STUDIO: Cyberfights Wrestling Federation
DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews
Pro Wrestling