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Aryx Quinn arrives first, dressed all in black, and clearly ready for a fight. In no time at all the cheeky, chiseled stud is out of his clothes and strutting around the ring in black boots, matching leather wrist cuffs, and sleek yellow speedos cut so low you could run your tongue up and down his hot hip flexors. He is a hardbody, in every sense of the word, displaying rock-hard biceps that would leave a dent in anything they touch.

The next man on the scene is none other than Michael Vineland, flashing that all too innocent grin and flexing those out of this world coffee-and-cream muscles. His back muscles tense up as Quinn dances around him, hurling pointed words and mild insults, none of which seem to bother beautiful Vineland, who looks astonishing in equally low cut, lavender speedos, red boots and cuffs.

"They just get bigger, dumber, fucking simpler, easier to defeat," laughs Quinn.

"You show up in the ring, it`s my job to take you out of it," an unfazed Vineland replies.

This isn`t the first time these two men have crossed swords, and with any luck it won`t be the last. Their size difference only makes for a more interesting matchup, as tall, talented Vineland locks up with shorter, harder Quinn. The sensual lockup leads to a test of strength, with fingers locked and faces clenched.

"Did somebody say low blow?" says a familiar voice. Who else would it be? Jobe Zander joins the party, all florescent green speedos and platinum blonde hair. Zander has been appearing in our Decrotchery vids since the very beginning, leaving his unique mark on the series from day one. It`s only fitting that he should appear now, to exact his very particular brand of punishment on the next victim in line. That victim just happens to be Vineland, who may be a match for one Aryx Quinn, but he is no match for the double teaming torments of both Quinn and Zander. Suddenly we are reminded what this series is all about. Knees to the groin...package punching...cruel wrestling boots pressing down hard on cock and balls so vulnerably on display when muscular legs are splayed out and spread wide. Vineland all but screams as Quinn stretches him out by the arms while Zander punishes his lower extremities.

"This is a low blow!" Zander laughs like the Joker.

Sweat drips down the chests of the attackers as they manhandle and mangle poor Vineland. Packages jiggle luxuriously in their brightly colored speedo prisons.

How soon we forget the true nature of Jobe Zander the maniac. In an instant he turns on Quinn, attacking his yellow clad package and putting him in a headlock. But Quinn is quick to react, clutching Zander`s balls in his fist and squeezing, all while a bewildered Vineland looks on in shock and disbelief. Zander and Quinn tumble backward, and Vineland wastes no time attacking the assholes goods. Revenge is sweet as Vineland and Quinn proceed to abuse the shit out of Zander, tossing his sweaty self from one end of the ring to the other in a barrage of abuse too tough and tantalizing to describe. At one point Quinn actually headbutts Zander`s balls repeatedly until he screams out in agony.

Not until Zander is completely immobilized does Vineland rise to the top, turning his newly acquired abusive tendencies onto the one who started it all. And oh, does Aryx Quinn suffer beautifully, his flawless abs stretched out, his voice breaking as be begs for mercy.

The tables are turned once again when Zander forces simultaneous submissions from both Quinn and Vineland...a Decrochery first! This can only mean one thing: Sudden Death. A final fight between Quinn and Vineland...loser gets fucked. Stipulation: NO TRUNKS.

Now, with asses on the line, and asses bared, these two trunkless studs must fight it out to final submission. Is there anything hotter than a balls out, nearly naked fight? Sweat streaked chests, straining massive biceps, bouncing cocks and balls, single leg boston crabs with a ball claws, ass play, and so much more, all leading to the longest, most sensuous blow job that has one man`s junk being salivated on like a sweet ice cream cone on a hot summer day, and the most glorious on the ropes sex we`ve ever seen. If you live for crotch abuse, nude wrestling, ass eating, and sweat-streaked studs, this is the title to satisfy your every desire.



FULL CAST LIST: Aryx Quinn (Tristan Baldwin), Brad Boyer aka Jobe Zander, Michael Vineland aka Robert Axel
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Tony Biscotti
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Nude Wrestling
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