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Proven Straight

"Hey, just because I like to fuck a guy’s hot ass doesn’t make me gay, does it?" PROVEN STRAIGHT, the new DVD from Jet Set Men poses this question. Jet Set Men is on a roll with 'Proven Straight'. Following close on the heals of Doggie Style and Going Under, this hot all-sex movie has a loose story - enough to get your interest - but not so much that it bores. But let's get down to it. The models fucking rock. We're talking the kind of studs Jet Set has delivered at their best. The sex is gritty and real. And the cum shots? Nickolay and Andrew are fucking machines!



FULL CAST LIST: Andrew Justice, Christian Owen, Hans Ebson, Jarod Michaels, Kurt Wild, Nickolay Petrov, Sebastian Young, TJ Young, Zach Rockwood
STUDIO: Jet Set Men
Cum Shots


Scene 1, Kurt Wild & Nickolay Petrov (20:17 min)
Kurt Wild & Nickolay Petrov
Scene One starts as nine hot men get together to have some fun - shoot some hoops, have a fast poker game and get involved in a short discussion about whether "fucking a guy's ass makes you gay or not". The consensus is that it doesn't, so the various horny men go off to check each other out and test the premise. Nickolay Petrov hits the first bedroom with Kurt Wild. Nickolay professes to be straight, but his dick is hard as a rock before it pops out of his pants. He immediately strips and eagerly submits to having his big hard cock sucked and his balls licked. As Kurt slides on his back between Nickolay's legs, he pushes his jeans down to reveal and jack off his own equally big piece of meat. This horny twosome is beyond ready to fuck. Soon Nickolay lifts Kurt up, flips him over and sets him down kneeling on the bed to get fucked doggie style. He gives Kurt's beautiful white butt a few appreciative swats and teases his hole by rubbing his stiffened dick up and down it. With Kurt pleading "gimme that big cock, gimme that cock", Nickolay pushes it in. Kurt keeps his small rounded butt shoved high in the air to take full advantage of Nickolay's pounding while jacking himself off below. The muscular and athletic Nickolay flips Kurt once more, this time over into a missionary position, his legs spread wide apart, exposing his big cock and balls. At first, Kurt jacks himself off grabbing his shaft all the way below his hangers as Nickolay slams into him. Kurt gets very vocal, whimpering and moaning, as he gets fucked and finally shoots his juicy cum. (Cum shots happen so fast and are over so quickly that they're shown in this DVD in instant replay to savor them in slow motion from different angles.) Then Nickolay pulls out and turns on his own faucet of cum over Kurt's body, shooting up to his face. After more replayed cum shots, the two collapse on the bed in an exhausted heap.


Scene 2, Jorden Michaels & Zach Rockwood (18:30 min)
Jorden Michaels & Zach Rockwood
Scene Two starts elsewhere, off in a study. Zach Rockwood removes his shirt and lays back on a couch, massaging his crotch through his jeans. He watches Jorden Michaels strip off his clothes, show off his fuckable butt and work up a hard-on of his own. Zach doesn't seem as though he is ready for this. A naked Jorden slides seductively on his stomach across a leather ottoman, offering up his butt. Zach takes the bait and plays with Jorden's ass and fingers his hole. Zach finally gives in and removes his jeans and shorts. He kisses Jorden's butt and spreads his cheeks open, so that he can lick and finger his hole. Jorden reaches over and takes Zach's fully erect dick in his mouth, "going up on it" from below and jacking his own long fat dick at the same time. Desiring to go farther, Zach kneels over Jorden to 69 with him. Jorden sucks his friends balls and dick. Suddenly their faces come toward each other, and after a soul seaching pause, merge into a meeting of tongues and finally lips. Jorden then sits atop his hung friend and rides him hard until he spews his thick creamy cum over Zach's abs, which replays again and again. Now it's Zach's turn to cum which he does all up his torso with more than a little stimulation from his friend.


Scene 3, Christian Owen, Andrew Justice & TJ Young (28:10 min)
Christian Owen, Andrew Justice & TJ Young
Scene Three starts as TJ Young is wandering down a hall searching for some hot action. Christian Owen and Andrew Justice are already into each other in one of the bedrooms, stripped to their shorts and sucking on each other's big hard dicks. TJ comes in to join them, and Christian welcomes him to their action by sucking on his dick and alternating it with Andrew's. They soon fall into a chain suck with Andrew going down on Christian who's sucking on TJ who's going down on Andrew. Christian works TJ's ass open sucking and working fingers into it. Christian turns his body over and kneels on the bed so he can give head to TJ while Andrew fucks his ass. Christian then turns his white white butt around so TJ can fuck him while he sucks once again on Andrew. Eventually Andrew takes a crack at fucking TJ as he sucks on Christian. Andrew cums fountain-like and Christian erupts, both over TJ's torso. TJ bubbles up and over, all of which is good for some more instant replay. I guess this makes Andrew Justice the "straight" one.


Scene 4, Nickolay Petrov & Hans Ebson (18:05 min)
Nickolay Petrov & Hans Ebson
The final Fourth Scene finds Nickolay in his jockeys, ready for some more action, to dive into another ass, this time belonging to dark-haired Hans Ebson. Nickolay is popping out of his shorts but still wants to audition Hans's ass before he goes further. Han's obliges him by stripping and exposing his hole to him. Nickolay obviously sees what he wants and wastes no time in getting Hans on his knees on the sofa for a lengthy doggie style fuck. Eventually he flips Hans over on his back so he can continue ramming him while watching him jack off. Both men have smooth, muscular bodies and big dicks. Hans finally can hold back no longer and spurts cums over himself, which is then replayed from different angles. This is followed by Nickolay letting loose with another impressive river of jizz and replays of it. It's a cumshot lover's dream.