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Bout 1: JON-BOY TYLER VS. JOHN BORSOS - The two wrestlers shake hands at the top of this bout and start wrestling clean freestyle. Both have solid wrestling credentials; experience in the Gay Games and wrestling in various grappling clubs in the area. Eventually the clean freestyle deteriorates into some pro action as Borsos lays into Tyler with many underhanded maneuvers including some heavy ball squeezing. These grapplers don`t hold back as the wrestling gets rough and tough as wrestling with two such experienced wrestlers as these two can be. Bout 2: THOM KATT VS. JOHN ST. JAMES - Blond, 18 yo, John St. James goes up against one of the nastiest villains of all, Thom Katt. Wrestling barefoot and wearing leopard style trunks, John is a very capable freestyle grappler, but when you`re wrestling an opponent like the Katt whose style is claws, biting, scratching, nerve holds, there is really no effective way of getting away from any of this, except mabe to fight fire with fire. He manages to turn Katt`s wrestling style against him, even to the point of securing a submission using one of Katt`s own favorite submissions. St. James is ahead 1-0. But it is tough trying to out-fox a Katt and he`s no match for Katt`s own particular ruthless brand and style of wrestling in the next two falls. Katt takes the abuse a step higher by attacking John`s balls as often as possible. Bout 3: TIM ANDERSON VS. TOMMY LOPEZ - Both wrestlers have great bodies and both were hot to wrestle. They lay into each other in rough free-style action. Tommy lays his body punches into Anderson`s muscled body. Tim`s favorite thing: throwing Lopez around the ring, and he is no slouch in bodypunching as well. The two split the first and second fall. It is now the third and final fall, and both wrestlers go after each other for their ultimate victory. Bout 4: ROMEO VS. DANNY BROWN - Attired in brief T-backs, the two oil up first. This gets them even hotter for each other. When they do get around to wrestling, the trunks come off faster than greased lightning. The wrestling becomes slow and sensual. Romeo loves getting his ass slapped and Danny accommodates. The ending is a real turn-on. Danny gets Romeo to admit that he`s a submissive. Danny places his bare foot on Romeo`s torso and chest and rubs it all over the place. Romeo grabs his own cock and starts jacking off for all he`s worth. Danny assists in bringing Romeo to a roaring climax. For those who like their wrestling nude, erotic, sensual, with two wrestlers clearly into each other, this is a BG classic that will be in big demand for a long time to cum. Bout 5: THE PSYCHOPATH VS. BUCK GIBSON - The Psychopath is probably the last person you would want to get into the ring with. At 5`11", 210 lbs of bodybuilder contest muscle and slightly mentally unbalanced, he is a definite wild card. Not particularly skillful at wrestling, but very, very STRONG, the Psychopath can be dangerous. A very game Buck Gibson finds this out. A one fall match. When the Psycho is on top he`s a brutal nut case, but on the receiving end he becomes a sniveling wimp. How will this match end up?



FULL CAST LIST: Buck Gibson, Danny Brown, John Borsos, John St. James, John-Boy Tyler, Romeo, The Psychopath, Thom Katt, Tim Anderson, Tommy Lopez
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling
Mat Wrestling
Pro Wrestling