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Jockstrap Wrestling 07

BOUT 1: RANDY ROBERTS VS. ROBERT LARKINS You`ll notice that blond Randy is after dark haired Larkin`s cute butt. And he`ll put Robert into any hold and position to get a whack at it. Larkins wrestles aggressively but against his bigger opponent its more defensive. The two split the first two falls. The match goes on to nudity, hard-on`s and jack-off.

BOUT 2: PAUL DOUGLASS VS. ANDREW BISHOP Two straight fall victories for Paul Douglass, the blond and bigger of the two grapplers. Andrew Bishop is a cute twink with an oh, so delectable butt, on perfect display in the jockstrap provided. Nudity, jack-off.

BOUT 3: ROBERT REYN VS. CHRIS STONE Robert is in his element here. He pushes beautiful Chris Stone around in virtually any position he wants, gaining access to Chris`s beautiful ass. Two straight falls for Reyn, the second one an over the shoulder backbreaker while Robert`s half hard-on waves in the breeze. Nudity, jack-off.

BOUT 4: PETE KRIEG VS. DEAN ADAMS Scissors fan alert! Gobs of them in this match. Pete`s favorite hold. A very competitive freestyle wrestling match. Dean manages to stay fairly even with his bigger opponent, but in the end he goes down. Pete then puts Dean in a scissors hold and says that if he wants to get out of the hold, he`ll have to successfully jack-off.

BOUT 5 LUCKY STRYKER VS. ROCK HARD An all-black muscular wrestler matchup. Competitive freestyle wrestling, with jockstrap stripping and nudity.

BOUT 6 TIM KNIGHT VS. DICK LEE POWERS A very competitive freestyle wrestling matchup featuring nudity and jack-off. You don`t have to go to Burger King to get a “Whopper”. Big Dick Lee Powers will show you his.



FULL CAST LIST: Andrew Bishop, Chris Stone, Dean Adams, Dick Lee Powers, Lucky Stryker, Paul Douglas, Pete Krieg, Randy Roberts, Robert Larkins, Robert Reyn, Rock Hard, Tim Knight
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling

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