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Beach Patrol

Three cops, Lt Scott Davis, Officer David Pierre (on loan from the French Police), and Officer Alex Wilcox (undercover as a Lifeguard) have recently raided an all male whorehouse right near the Beach, and put old Pimp Daddy in the slammer. It is now the job of Pimp Daddy’s top hustlers in the persons of Seth Black, Ethan Marc, Nick Steel, and the gorgeous blond Christopher Young to get him out of jail so they can return to their lucrative work. After hearing about some helpful products from the store “Spys For You”, they hatch an elaborate plan of action. By blackmailing the cops, they hope to be able to get Pimp Daddy released.

Through an elaborate ruse hatched by up by Seth Black, the cops are seduced into sex. The first is Christopher who ends up at David Pierre’s temporary apartment rental. He seduces David into a hot suck and fuck sex scene that will burn up your screen.

Check out where the hustlers place the cameras in Scenes 2, 3,4 and 5

SCENE 1/PART 1: Brief intro to all characters. Ethan Marc steals something from Christopher. Officer Pierre comes to his aid, then takes him home which leads to Scene 1, Part 2.

SCENE 1/PART 2: Christopher is taken to the place where Officer Pierre is staying. He places his camera and proceeds to have hot fuck and suck sex with the unknowing Officer.

SCENE 3: Lt Scott Davis follows the running Ethan Marc into a warehouse, finds him. Ethan seduces Davis into some raw fuck and suck sex.

SCENE 4: Scene shifts to Officer Alex Wilcox in his tight wetsuit, who meets up with Nick Steel. Nick, with his hot butt, easily seduces Alex into some hot kissing, body rubbing, asscrack surfing and jack-off.

SCENE 5: After hot sex with Ethan Marc, Lt. Davis is ready for a good massage. He contacts, yeah – you guessed it – Seth Black – who is more than ready to give as well as receive. Davis is a sex machine and both of them go at it in a fuck and suck with incredible energy.

SCENE 6: All the cops receive a phone call from Seth telling them to appear at a certain location and be ready to look at a video production. The production just happens to be the sex, on video, that each Officer had with the hustlers. Seth tells them what they have to do “or else”. The finale shows Pimp Daddy being released from jail and all his “crack” hustlers meeting him at the exit.



FULL CAST LIST: Alex Wilcox, Andy Devine, Christopher Young, David Pierre, Ethan Marc, Nick Steel, Randy Black, Scott Davis, Seth Black
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling
Cum Shots