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Cody Cummings: Fight Me!

Logan Scion vs Cody Cummings

Fuck yeah! Strong and silent Cody Cummings is a beast on the wrestling mats, gorgeous hair, feet, pecs, abs, and a superhero chin. Resembling a certain muscle-bound Disney villain, his back muscles glow in rippling perfection as the lights dance upon his flawless skin. He’s a tank. A wall. A powerhouse. Who would even dare to take this dude on? Enter Logan Scion, a confirmed loudmouth, trash-talking bitch or a man, with next to no fear in his lean, lithe body. He’s a wolf separated from his pack, and we’ve seen this stud kick some serious ass. Watch as he digs into Cummings without showing even a tiny trace of terror.

The two men lock up, dance in a tie up, until Scion magnificently pulls the prettyboy to the mat with pure strength, gloating all the while. Legs are bent and brutalized, arms are pinned to sides, and some of the best abs in the business are ridden and humped, as Scion mounts his victim in a schoolboy pin, taking advantage of the opportunity to punch some abs and crush some pectorals.

But Cummings’ name is in the title, so it should come a so surprise when he bounces back in order to give Scion a taste of his own medicine by plowing his knees into Scion’s abs and wrenching his arms behind his head until he’s all but begging for mercy. Fists really fly in this fierce fight between two very different dudes.

It’s an epic battle with a ton of great back and forth action featuring exquisitely executed ground fighting, bearhugs, and a spread eagle that you’ll never forget!



FULL CAST LIST: Cody Cummings, Logan Scion
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Mat Wrestling