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Latino Wrestling 2

BOUT 1 RICKY MATA VS. ROBERTO SALAZAR Ricky has a workout before his match against Salazar. He’s a large, strong guy with big rounded muscle. Salazar is shorter, but built like a wrestler. The two engage in muscle to muscle freestyle wrestling. Salazar knows a bit more about wrestling and emerges as a winner in this short one fall matchup.

BOUT 2 LA PANTERA NEGRA (THE BLACK PANTHER) VS. TONY BLANCO This pro wrestling match goes a full two out of three falls. The wrestling adversaries go all out to win this match. In the second fall, with La Pantera leading 1-0, Tony Blanco resorts to ball-bashing which leads to a victory. La Pantera does not forgive this shortcut to winning as you will see when he has Blanco across his shoulders with a final fall victory. He grabs Tony’s substantial cock and gives it a big squeeze. Check out the closeup! Throughtout this pro wrestling bout there are lots of underhanded maneuvers as well as high flying action. These guys are not easy on each other.

BOUT 3 ROCKY ROJO VS. SERGIO MONTOYA While Sergio manages to get in his licks, engaging as he does in good back and forth pro wrestling, he certainly isn’t as tough as Rocky. Rocky knows his holds, isn’t afraid of taking a short cut or two. As a result he wins two straight falls and flashes us a couple of double bicep victory poses over an inert Montoya. Great high flying action, as always, in Latino Wrestling.

BOUT 4 LA PANTERA NEGRA VS. ROCKY ROJO Two of the very best of BG’s Latino wrestlers go head to head in a very important pro wrestling match to decide who is the best Latino grappler in the group. La Pantera Negra has height and weight advantage, but no necessarily strength. Rojo has experience and is deadly. Both are very street-wise, no-holds-barred fighters. La Pantera Negra, as he has shown in earlier matches, is not afraid to take short cuts to victory including grabbing and squeezing someone’s balls (see Latino Wrestling 2 Bout 2). Pantera opens the first fall with good strategy execution. He aims to undermine Rojo’s ability to fight. But Rojo isn’t about to roll over. He mounts a counterattack and that is the way this matchup goes. One minute you think a particular hold is going to result in a submission, but the opponent thinks of some ingenious way of reversing the situation. This match will test the stamina and endurance of both grapplers as it goes to the full two out of three falls.



FULL CAST LIST: La Pantera Negra, Ricky Mata, Roberto Salazar, Rocky Rojo, Sergio Montoya, Tony Blanco
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling
Mat Wrestling