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Bareback Boys Club Gangbang



FULL CAST LIST: Jose Manuel, Micky Crain, John Paul, Rick Ordi, Randy Scott, Megan, Janny Osborne, Donmar, David Loft
STUDIO: Raw Entry Club
DIRECTOR: Michael Paris


Scene 1, BBBC Gang Bang - Part 1 (33:58 min)
BBBC Gang Bang - Part 1
All nine young guys - RICK ODRI, RANDY SCOTT, MICKY KRAIN, MEGAN, JOSE MANUEL, JOHN PAUL, JANNY OSBORNE, DONMAR and DAVID LOFT - are present for the whole movie. It all takes place in one simple location. There's a bench, a "horse" and one other piece of equipment to leap over. But all the equipment these boys really need is hanging right there between their legs. The first part is a warm-up and devoted to oral sex. Slowly, amidst some laughing and horsing around, their dicks get hard and begin to drop out and pop out of their shorts. First shirts are lost and then the shorts. No one bothered to wear a jock strap, but they must have known what was going to happen - where they were headed. Some of the guys get right to sucking, some to kissing and caressing. The guys break off into smaller groups, and it all soon begins to look like a cock-suckers' three-ring circus. Randy Scott - with his especially nice muscular body, great ass and big cock - is a standout through it all. The dicks are uniformly impressive. The camera moves around to catch the action as the dicks get bigger and bigger, harder and harder, but nobody shoots any cum or moves beyond the oral action for well over half an hour.


Scene 2, BBBC Gang Bang - Part 2 (29:35 min)
BBBC Gang Bang - Part 2
And then all of a sudden, older Trainer JOHN STREET breaks into the proceedings to straighten them all out (as if anybody could at this point). He tells them in no uncertain terms to put their clothes on and return to the training. Half-heartedly, they put their shirts and shorts back on and jump through some exercises. He gives them 20 minutes to do his bidding. But the second he's out the door, Randy says, "I don't want to train, I want sex". With that he rips off his shirt (his shorts never got back on) and leads the rest in a general rebellion. Everybody follows suit, and tries to tear their shirts off. And soon the fucking begins. Rick Odri and Randy Scott go for David Loft's accommodating ass as he clings on to the horse. Megan and another guy use blond Jose Manuel, who makes his ass and mouth available for both fucking and sucking. The last threesome, including John Paul and Donmar, is grouped on the floor, with the top lying on the floor and the bottom riding his impressive shaft with his back to the camera.


Scene 3, BBBC Gang Bang - Part 3 (23:25 min)
BBBC Gang Bang - Part 3
David Loft really loves to get fucked, and the bigger the better. And so all eight guys line up to ram their dicks into him. One by one, they take a turn and then another, until one of the guys shoots his load inside. Withdrawing his big dick, cum spills out and oozes until he reinserts his dick for some cum-lubed fucking. The next guy up, Randy is ready to shoot too, so he fucks David's cum filled ass and then pulls out to cum, finishing on David's ass. He, too, reinserts his dick and pounds some more. He withdraws and then pushes any remaining cum back in David's ass, with David himself assisting with his fingers. In the "grand finale", as David kneels, six of the men - starting off with Janny Osborne - jack-off and shoot their loads in David's mouth. He licks it up and turns to the next, Rick Odri, who's spent the last half hour sharing David's ass with Randy. His facing dripping cum, David next takes Micky Krain's explosion and sucks it up as well. Jose Manuel adds his juice to his mouth and then Donmar. And last, but certainly not least, John Paul shoots in David's mouth. Not to be outdone, David lies back on the floor, jacks-off and shoots his own load. The Trainer never did come back. Maybe he knew the kind of training he was asking for wasn't going to happen. But you certainly can't say that they didn't get any exercise. The nine naked boys, some still sporting partial erections, head out the door and off to the showers.