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Flash Attack 3: Rios vs Stone

Boss Sexton heard your pleas and brings back Latin superstud Flash Rios for Flash Attack 3. Those dark good looks, tatted guns, and perfect ass are sure to be the stuff of your wet dreams for nights to come. Although he may have been muscle dominated by Sky Davis and Slade Steele in Flash Attack 1 and 2, he’s back to prove he’s a true alpha male. Will the third time be the charm? And who better to pair him with than his polar opposite, Steve Stone. Stone is a wild-haired blond beast with sun-kissed abs of steel. Every bit of him is ripped, and he’s here to defend his territory.

First, we find Stone in his packed red speedo with a star right where you’ll wish your face could be, doing some stretches in the gym. He poses and flexes that sinewy frame, clearly used to having all eyes on him. Enter bad boy Rios in a skimpy yellow banana hammock, his bulging crotch leading the way. Rios wants that “bitch” out of his gym, and Stone’s not having it. And so the turf war begins.

The two seem evenly matched in an initial test of strength, but after a little back and forth Rios manages to get Stone in a full nelson, putting those eye-popping abs on full display. Stone soon returns the favor with a head lock that makes its way into a double hammer lock, with the veins popping in Rios’s thick biceps as he struggles to get free. For a while it seems like the blond beast is going to vanquish the Latin invader, but there must have been some jumping beans in that pouch, because Rios snaps back into action with a series of nelsons, hammerlocks, arm bars, leg locks and scissor holds, leaving Stone winded and trying to catch his breath. With a punishing Boston Crab, Rios truly asserts his dominance over Stone, who can then do nothing more than groan from the pain of hold after hold, becoming a muscle bound rag doll. A final sleeper leaves no doubt whose “casa” this is, and the third time truly is the charm.



FULL CAST LIST: Flash Rios, Steve Stone
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Latin Men
Mat Wrestling
Muscle Hunks