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The Cave

Co-directed by porn legend Chad Donovan and Can-Am Boss Sexton, ”The Cave” is a wrestling double feature. MATCH 1 - Wearing skin tight wetsuits, ”straight” Beaux Banner and gay Chad Clovis find themselves in a deserted beach cave. Mutual muscle admiration and horse-a-round pushing and shoving escalates into a mano-a-mano wrestling war. Both studs peel each other out of their wet suits down to a tight blue Speedo on Beaux, and yellow Speedo on Chad. Pretty evenly matched, Beaux and Chad waste little time in surfing each others cocks and balls, ass slapping, and challenging each others` masculinity. When do their Speedos come off? Now. Then the butt fucking begins. You probably won`t be surprised to see that it`s ”straight” Beaux who gets his ass plowed by the smaller guy... our buddy in yellow... gay Chad. And guess what? Beaux loves it! Surprise. Surprise. Finally sitting side by side the boys jack off for you. Chad pops first, but it takes Beaux a little longer to deliver his load. You won`t mind the wait.
MATCH 2 - Two more surfer dudes, Kevin Cavalie and Rod Daily pair up in The Cave. These boys know what they want and soon agree to a loser gets fucked pro match, and get busy getting each other out of their board shorts and rash-guard tops. Both want to fuck the other`s ass, and both boys get aggressively dirty to get what they want. In the meantime for your prolonged pleasure, Kevin and Rob take pride in showing off their mutual cock sucking skills. But you`re watching for the victory fuck. For your prick tease information, the humpier of the two studs... the one with the twin star tattoos on his chest... gets fucked. And fucked hard. Both boys deliver impressive cum shots.



FULL CAST LIST: Beaux Banner, Chad Clovis, Kevin Cavalli, Rod Daily
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
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