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German Sex Fight Club

This video was previously released as "GERMAN MATFUCKERS."

The action is completely nasty and non-stop in this 105 minute, 10 model, 17 cum shot spectacular from BODY CLIP VIDEO in Berlin. These butch German studs wrestle, worship, suck, fuck and dominate in and out of leather, tight jeans, uniforms, and underwear. Each of these studs receive a mysterious invitation to show up at the suburban home of Rack, a tough no-bullshit top. Rack's home comes complete with a weight room, wrestling room, and indoor pool and spa, so these boys have endless options for play. The action starts with the young and studly Steve in a full leather gym workout but when Rack reveals his fat dick, Steve loses his concentration. Rack pulls Steve into the wrestling room, where he rips off Rack’s painted-on jeans. The wrestling gets interrupted by ass slapping, nipple biting and cocksucking. Throw in a little domination, and you understand why new arrival Bo can't help but masturbate while he watches from the sidelines. Soon, there's a great three way, and despite the unbelievable size of Bo's dick, he just loves to get tortured and dominated. And that dick stays rock hard. The three are joined by two more invitees, Ole in an air force-style jumpsuit, and Leo. These two end up in a rip and strip match of their own until Rack and Steve decide Ole and Leo need some punishment. They get trussed up bare-ass to a rack for some belt paddling and other tortures. But before you can catch your breath, three new recruits, Roland, Peter (in an army camouflage outfit) and Benny play a game of spin the bottle with a hot sexual twist and tryst. Mysteriously, Andy the cook shows up with dinner, and Peter won't let him leave until he's been wrestled, dominated and fucked hard into the mat. Andy has a perfect little ass just meant for fucking. Roland then fantasizes a little wrestling match of his own with the hooded and harnessed Mack - both sporting raging hardons. After Mack wins, he fucks Roland in four different and gravity defying positions. Then it's off to the pool and spa room for some double-fuck sling action, pool wrestling, whipped cream wrestling and a few more surprises. This video provides scorching animal heat as only the Germans know how to generate it!



FULL CAST LIST: Andy, Benny, Bo, Leo, Ole, Peter, Rack, Roland, Stevebo
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Frank Ripploh
Bondage Wrestling
Mat Wrestling
Muscle Bondage
Nude Wrestling
Sex Wrestling


Scene 1, Untitled Scene (00:-13 min)
Untitled Scene