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Kyle Bradford: Make Me Submit!

Boss Sexton is proud to present erotic wrestling superstar, Kyle Bradford, in his first Can-Am feature. MAKE ME SUBMIT is completely real wrestling from start to finish. We just kept the cameras rolling until the opponents couldn't take anymore of Bradford's unique brand of punishment. You will be amazed at Bradford1s awesome skill and strength as he lays waste to four different fans who all applied for this special privilege. Joey Jordan is a darkly handsome stud who thinks wrestling is all for show. But as he is forced to scream "I submit!" over and over again, he begins to see the light - this is very real and there's no way he can win. Stripped naked, Jordan suffers his humiliation beautifully. Shon Tracy is a tall, muscular New Yorker with an imposing stance and plenty of wrestling experience. But he, too, learns the only way off the mat in one piece is to be completely humiliated, stripped, and beaten. Mitch Hunter is the kind of guy who thinks his huge dick is enough to keep people in line or in lust. But Bradford couldn't care less and really works this guy over. Hunter gets extra doses of verbal humiliation and painful holds until being forced to jerk off for his freedom. Dustin O'Donnell is a youthful cutie who gets more and more frustrated by his inability to gain any advantage over Bradford. But that just makes Bradford all the more vicious and soon Hunter is also forced to jerk off for the supreme Bradford. MAKE ME SUBMIT is unlike any other Can-Am video you have seen. Completely real. Completely raw. Completely hot.



FULL CAST LIST: Dustin O'Donnell, Joey Jordan, Kyle Bradford, Mitch Hunter, Shon Tracy
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Mat Wrestling
Nude Wrestling