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Latex Meltdown

Originally released in 1996, LIQUID LATEX was the super sequel to our 1995 hit, LATEX MELTDOWN, and features some of the most popular models of the 90¹s - including wild and wonderful Rob Cryston. From the original text: The only reason Hollywood or Can-Am make sequels is because the original of the sequel was wildly successful. One of Can-Am's wildly successful originals was LATEX MELTDOWN starring Marco Rossi, Jimmy Dean, Clayton Titus, Dallas Taylor, and Steve Landess. (Also on sale in this brochure.) So Can-Am¹s cast and crew flew to San Francisco and produced LATEX MELTDOWN's hot, rubbery, sequel - LIQUID LATEX. Did you know that rubber comes in a colored liquid form? Did you know that you can literally paint liquid rubber on a hot body and it becomes a stretchable, snappable, peelable second skin? Now imagine internationally popular muscleboy porno star Trenton Comeaux getting his in-your-dreams hardbody rubber-painted then beat up BIGtime and rubber-stripped by hairy chested bodybuilder porn vet Rob Cryston. If you manage to keep your loads through the Comeaux / Cryston scenes, count on losing your loads when superstar Cliff Parker and pornoboy-next-door Will Clark join the action. Can-Am takes concept / theme erota-wrestling into new and original territory leaving the video wrestling competition even further behind the leader. Filmed in San Francisco by professionals on state-of-the-art equipment, then polished and perfected in Hollywood by experienced Colt and Zeus video editor, Randy Buck - LIQUID LATEX is the totally new, musically scored, 90 minute, six scene, four hunk, four cum shot, erota-wrestling jack-off sequel to LATEX MELTDOWN. Nobody does it better than Can-Am.



FULL CAST LIST: Cliff Parker, Rob Cryston, Trenton Comeaux, Will Clark
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Mat Wrestling
Oil Wrestling