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Whacks From The Warehouse

Vol. 1 "Move the Boxes" - Boss Sexton has listened, and you fetish fans have a new reason to indulge! Teaming up with Mayhem North Productions (Toronto Amateur Oil Auditions, Toronto Amateur Pro Wrestling) at our Toronto studios, we`re bringing you a whole new twist : amateur oil wrestling combined with some good hard spanking! Whacks From The Warehouse stars straight from the streets bad boy, Carlos Spankman, teaching a lesson to three of his laborers. Volume 1, Move The Boxes, features the first victim, blond hardbody Toby as a new hire with some laziness issues. He`d rather watch his boss, Carlos, do all the work and take a break. Carlos is not happy with this, but he also notices that Toby can`t keep his eyes off his ass, so he decides on a double lesson. He`s going to make straight-boy Toby pay for goofing off, and admit to wanting Carlos`s ass! When Toby resists to working again, he ends up over Carlos`s knee for the punishment he deserves. After some good jeans whacking, Carlos makes Toby admire his ass, but Toby won`t fess up to liking it, which just makes Carlos more determined to punish Toby. He uses Toby`s belt to tie his hands behind his back, and then it`s back over the knee. First with just his pants down, and then totally bare-assed spanking. Toby`s cheeks are bright red as Carlos asserts, “I am the boss, and you are going to listen!” They both end up naked, and eventually Carlos just asks him to leave. Toby may have slinked off in shame, but actions speak louder than words, as Toby comes back in scene two to get more of Carlos. This time Carlos has something new to teach Toby - oil wrestling. And there just happens to be an oil pit stored in the warehouse. Toby protests, but it really doesn`t matter. Carlos knows why Toby came back and tosses him into the ring. Eventually down to briefs, Carlos breaks out the baby oil and oils up Toby`s body. Toby does the same, making sure to cop a quick a cock feel, before oiling up that fine latin ass. The wrestling is made more erotic by Toby`s lack of experience, and Carlos`s determination to get Toby into as many ass-exposing positions as possible. But Carlos has one more lesson for Toby. He`s going to learn to suck dick! And this is just volume one!



FULL CAST LIST: Carlos (Toronto), Toby (Toronto)
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Mandy Goodhandy
Mat Wrestling