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Warehouse Wrestling Hunks

Boss Sexton had been hearing rumors about the warehouse workers at a Vancouver wrestling mat manufacturer, so he sent studio manager Beau Bradley to check it out. And what he found was a testosterone-laced hotbed of hunky warehouse men who indeed settle their work differences on the very mats they manufacture! In this warehouse no grievances get filed. If your boss is getting on your nerves you can settle it at the end of your shift. If your lazy-ass co-worker isn't pulling his weight, you can kick his ass back into line. And luckily for you, Beau Bradley was there with a camera to prove it. Beefy Shawn Simpson is the supervisor who seems to have the most trouble with the men. First he picks on newcomer Dean Romero for doing a poor job. Romero is pissed and Harper makes it clear that if Romero has a problem with his opinion, they can settle it like men. Romero decides to take him on, and when their coveralls come off Romero's hot body lets you know he can handle himself. But Simpson has experience on his side and he's clearly going to win when Bradley makes a surprise jump into the action to defend Romero. The Bradley/Simpson action is first rate and explosive. Next up, Simpson gets on the case of Chuck Morris and the brawny Morris gives Simpson a run for his money with impressive submission holds. But bulk manages to win out over brawn and Morris is probably back to cleaning toilets. Finally, Ron Masters has a problem with co-worker Cody Brooks. Brooks, featured in the July, 2000 issue of Advocate Men, is one nice hunk of muscle. These two end up naked, and Masters' agility is the deciding factor. He puts Brooks out, whips out his dick and cums all over him. Where's the job application?



FULL CAST LIST: Chuck Morris, Cody Brooks, Dean Romero, Ron Masters, Shawn Simpson
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Cal Richards
Mat Wrestling
Nude Wrestling