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Total Jobber

Ace Owens vs Lucky Larson

Two new fighters are added to our roster with the release of Total Jobber. Lucky Larson is 24 years old, 6 feet tall, 160 ripped pounds, with brown eyes and blond hair which at this point is mostly gone do to a recent head shave. Ace Owens ia 23 year old, 5 foot 9 inches, 170 pounds, with Blue eyes and brown hair.

Lucky is already warming up on the mat when Ace arrives to the Can-Am Arena. Ace has a nice body with an impressively stuffed purple Speedo and black boots... while the not so lucky Lucky is wearing a green and yellow Speedo with white high-tops. There is no doubt that Ace has extensive pro training as we enjoy his systematic destruction of jobberboy Lucky. Stretched and pulled in just about every direction - Lucky has no idea how to counter the attack. None the less we get to enjoy Lucky's struggle while every tight ounce of his body is on twisting display.

Like a boa constrictor - Ace wears his hapless opponent down demanding that he struggle as he tightens each hold. Finally working his way up the jobber's torso to his head to apply a series of sleepers. Gasping for air, Lucky is exhausted but Ace is not done toying with his prey just yet. At this point we are all being taken to school along with "un"Lucky while Ace applied one punishing hold after another.

Face in the mat with his sexy bubble ass up in the air - Lucky refuses to submit and even manages to attempt a comeback... for just about a split second! Nope... back into the clutches of Ace who is now just showing off his abilities while putting Ace on complete twisted display for our enjoyment.

Having had enough fun tormenting Lucky - Ace ends school and puts Lucky out with a tight sleeper then drops him to the mat hard. A series of cocky poses over Lucky's defeated bod... Ace is satisfied with a jobber well done and takes his leave.



FULL CAST LIST: Ace Owens, Lucky Larson
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Mat Wrestling