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Mat Attack 4

The Can-Am - Jet Set juggernaut continues with Mat Attack 4. Latin lothario Lorenzo Vargas was getting a little jealous of all the attention going the way of Jason Adonis. While Jason`s six pack abs, captivating eyes, trunk-like legs, and crushing biceps certainly are worthy of all your attention - Lorenzo wants the spotlight all to himself. So he struck a deal with Boss Sexton: he would break in newcomer Gio Vanni, if he could finally have a crack at Jason`s ass. That was a no-brainer for Boss Sexton, but would Jason put his ass on the line with the experienced Lorenzo? Stardom always fuels the ego, so Jason was anxious to prove who rules the Can-Am mats. As every Can-Am fan knows, there`s no compromise in a Mat Attack. When you lose, you pay. And the only currency good within those walls is mouth or ass. But before we get to the main event, Lorenzo has to hold up his end of the bargain and take on the cocky Italian stallion, Gio. Gio talks the talk, but can he walk the walk? He`s an unstoppable ball of energy, but Lorenzo is bigger and stronger, and that big latin chorizo is planted deep in Gio`s throat at the end of round one. Beaten, but not broken, he rallies back in round two and manages to turn the tables on Lorenzo. And the blowjob that follows might lull Gio into thinking Lorenzo wants to lose. But while Lorenzo might enjoy a little cocksucking, there is no way he`s giving up his ass to this upstart. In round three, he soundly defeats Gio, and plows him into submission. Now, Lorenzo can go for the big prize: the virgin ass of Jason Adonis! There is so much ego on the mat, it`s a wonder there was even room to wrestle. But wrestle they do, trading submission after submission and, ultimately, blowjobs. Lorenzo comes out swinging in round three, but Jason is just too masterful. Lorenzo must bend over in defeat and succumb to the Adonis. Succumb to him yourself and get this quad blowjob, quad cumshot, two fuck, Mat Attack!



FULL CAST LIST: Gio Vanni, Jason Adonis, Lorenzo Vargas
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Matt Thomas
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Mat Wrestling
Nude Wrestling
Sex Wrestling