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BETRAYAL combines the best of outdoor adventure high in the spectacular mountains surrounding Vancouver, and ends up with a sweat drenched, cum covered bondage battle in the Can-Am studio gym. Back in the woods, mountain cyclist Jimmy Dean negotiates dangerous mountain trails at dare devel speeds; while world class kayak sportsman Kyle Rivers masters daunting rapids and impossible water falls. This is truly amazing outdoor adventure footage that should be in a documentary of its own. But Kyle capsizes and is found unconscious by Jimmy Dean. For saving him, Kyle agrees to be Jimmy's mat partner in a looser gets fucked bondage brawl. Back at the Can-Am gym, chunka-hunka Roger Marvick and partner Billy Watt pump some iron waiting for J.D. and Kyle. When all four get in the ring lots of flexing and tuff talk soon explodes into a double dirty, double teaming, testosterone pumped free-for-all that is eventually hard won by J.D. and Kyle. Out cold Roger and Billy are oiled down, groped, jacked, buggered, and thoroughly manhandled until they come to and turn the tables on cocky, over confident J.D. and Kyle. Our bare assed mountain boys are split spreadeagled in the ropes, nipple clamped, cock and ball roped...weighted...stretched... yanked...and thoroughly humiliated. Having had their loutish fun, Roger and Billy release Kyle to claim their first victory fuck which begins with some dildo work to loosen up Kyle's tight ass. Then draped in the ropes, Kyle takes a butt fucking he hadn't planned on. As Roger and Billy single mindedly work on Kyle, J.D. struggles free and goes ballistic on all three of them...including Kyle who J.D. thinks BETRAYED him by letting him down. Does Jimmy Dean kick ass times three? You know he does. Then ties all three together in the ropes to pump off a Jimmy Dean trademark gusher...on all of them...just for spite. Yeah...Jimmy Dean takes his lumps..but Jimmy Dean always rules in the end. BETRAYAL delivers spectacular outdoor action, filthy dirty indoor mat action, dildo reaming, butt fucking, multiple cum shots, hot B&D, and Jimmy Dean in top form. Order up. BETRAYAL is WELL worth the bucks!



FULL CAST LIST: Jimmy Dean, Kyle Waters, Roger Marvick aka Big Roger, Troy Punk aka Billy Watt
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Bondage Wrestling
Nude Wrestling
Outdoor Action
Pro Wrestling